Morality and History

Posted by: Black-Jesus

As history goes on culture changes, this is especially true since the industrial revolutions, as culture changes with such rapidity that things just aren't the same as when adults were children. So does all this change mean morality is going out the window, or does it just mean that the morals are shifting?

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"Nah, morality is fine, just because a few old people think we are crazy for wearing revealing outfits and watch highly sexualized entertainment doesn't mean we are amoral."
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Yes and I like it!

"Yeah- HELL YEAH! Morality's out the window and good riddance, I say! F**k morality! It's better to burn out than fade away!"
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"Yes, these young people today are evil and I'm surprised God doesn't smite us and send us all to hell where we belong for being a bunch of harlots."
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