Morals in Politics

Posted by: debate_power

Do you believe any morally adherent, responsible form of government is acceptable or are you in favor of a certain form of government regardless of the responsibility or moral high ground it has been shown to hold? Please list reasons for your choice.

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Morals matter most

I don't care so much about the organization or ideology of a government as long as it is not oppressive; responsible, stable, fair, and also morally robust.
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I have my own preference of a form of government, regardless of morality

I have my own preference for government that I apply in all cases, regardless of my existing moral beliefs or conscious, purposeful, informed lack thereof (meaning lack of moral beliefs by choice).
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Anarchy is awesome

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briantheliberal says2014-05-28T14:47:54.1704968-05:00
Everyone has different morals.
debate_power says2014-05-28T15:14:40.9992348-05:00
Yes, you're right. Why? Is there a discrepancy I'm unaware of?
giraffelover says2014-05-28T16:34:11.8614440-05:00
Sorry, I missed the please state your reasons part. I believe morality and experience are the most important characteristics of a leader. A leader without morals is likely to lead people into his immorality.
SweetTea says2014-05-30T03:45:48.5039633-05:00
Our government is not immoral. Those in government can be. They, like CEOs on Wall Street & school-teachers on Main Street, are products of our society. If morals have deteriorated within our society (a given), then it will reflect how the vast majority think & act. So, it's impossible to find a profession without immoral individuals within it.

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