Most to blame in Israel/Arab conflict?

Posted by: Skynet

Who deserves most of the blame for the trouble and continuing conflict, out of the two major players?

  • Israel

  • Palestine

64% 16 votes
36% 9 votes
  • I'm not super educated on this subject, but it seems that bombing each other doesn't stop the bombing, meaning that it doesn't save lives long term. And I know Israel has got that nifty Iron Dome that blocks the vast majority of rockets launched from Palestine soo..

  • Who is worse, the guy using human shields, or the one pressing the trigger?

  • I did the Israel Palestine conflict for my GCSE history coursework, and after studying the conflict it's hard to not see Israel as being most to blame.

  • The Zionists distort a lot of things.

  • Israel is a hypocritical place.

  • This is an interesting topic. From a historical perspective, both would be equally guilty and that would be more a matter of personal opinion than anything. But on the side of the last years Israel is guilty. Israel claims that Palestine would never recognize a "Jewish state", yet less than a month ago Palestine offered (via Jordan) a peace deal to the UN going for the 1967 frontiers (not the 50-50, more 70 Israel- 30 Palestine) with a year to negotiate and three to put into action with the only solicitude of a shared capital in Jerusalem... Israel rejected it. In the last years, illegal Israelian settlements have flourished and today Palestine is attacked because the unofficial policy of Natyandu is "elimination", to the point the government contracted public image experts to design diversion tactics from the public. This was made public by comuniques from inside the Israelian government. There´s no longer a "conflict", just a US-backed pseudo "democracy" practicing shooting.

    Posted by: ALR
  • One goal of Islam is to exterminate the Jews. One goal of Judaism is to keep their homeland. Jews are charged with being kind to foreigners, so if Palestinians weren't always trying to eradicate them, maybe they wouldn't get retaliated against so much. Just a thought. If the Palestinian Authority actually upheld a ceasefire, maybe there would be peace.

    Posted by: Skynet
  • I look at it using just war theory. If the Jews just stoped fighting tomorrow, they would all be killed. If Plaestine just stoped fighting, there would be peace. After study, I fail to see what provocation the palestinians have to slauter the Jews.

    Posted by: BenD
  • Israel is a liberal democracy with freedom of press, religion, and equal rights of gender, race, ethnicity, religion, and protects each and everyone of its citizens. Israel is one of the most innovative countries to date, and is helping Iranian citizens with their water crisis. Israel’s founding was based on the protection of a people repressed for two millennia.

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phiLockeraptor says2014-12-28T22:54:18.7929382-06:00
This is a false dichotomy... The U.S and Britian are most to blame for setting up Israel in a place that they knew would be hostile towards them. They did this. The Jewish people are merely concerned with their own survival, given the fact that even today, there are 3 million less Jews than there were in 1939.
UtherPenguin says2014-12-28T23:16:05.0098871-06:00
^^ Already said for me.
Shellshock says2014-12-28T23:32:54.4339784-06:00
Jews started this conflict based on a Biblical story that has nothing to do with the original people of Palestine. Also, the west jailed the Jews in Palestine to work their way to finish both Arab and Jews
Renegader says2014-12-30T02:20:47.4833155-06:00
Both suck
Skynet says2014-12-30T23:46:55.4431695-06:00
PhiLockeraptor: I know that is a common opinion, and I considered adding "Postwar Allies" or a similar 3rd choice, but I wanted to keep it simple, because really, Israel is standing on her own now, and not just a highly organized refugee camp created by the Allies.
adareli says2015-01-01T13:51:10.3298576-06:00
As a girl who loves in Israel, i must say that know no one really knows the history about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It's very easy to blame Israel because we are a strong state, but how many of you really know the true facts and not something they heard from a friend or the media. The media is not a reliable source because they can change the truth for some kind of rating. How many of you really went to WIKIPEDIA to understand the things behind it? Why everybody love to hate Jews? What we all ready did? No country have ever been in a situation that all the counries which surround from the east til the west or north til south start a war, but Israel is strong, and no matter what we will stand tall. We will try to stay together!!! No Hamas and no Hizballah can destroy little Israel! We bless life ad mush as the muslims bless death and terrorism!
BblackkBbirdd says2015-01-01T15:28:55.8862693-06:00
1 You do know you're just making Israeli citizens look racist and bigoted right? 2 "what did we do" bombing schools, causing millions of dollars or damage, killing thousands of civilians, segregation, forcing Palestinians to move from their homes, racial discrimination...... 3 maybe if you stopped bombing them and discriminating against them, Palestinians wouldn't turn to Hamas and terrorism and maybe, they wouldn't hate you, Just a thought.

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