Mother Theresa

Posted by: Midnight1131

What's your opinion on Mother Theresa's actions? [Not her motivations, but her actions]

  • Pro

  • Con

43% 6 votes
57% 8 votes
  • mother theresa was not a friend of the poor she was a friend of poverty. She constantly advocated for poverty in places where poverty meant the death of countless numbers of people. She was also against the only known cure to poverty 'the empowerment of women', her actions would have directly killed more people than she ever helped. Also she knowingly accepted money from an evil dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier that he stole from his own people. she was a cretin and i'm glad she is dead.

    Posted by: hect
  • She was not what many Christians claim her to be.

  • Most of the money she had donated to her went to the church to build more churches, not helping the poor.

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PetersSmith says2015-05-21T23:34:38.5054576-05:00
Midnight1131: "Organized religion is one of the worst things infecting the human race." Care to explain why you voted no?
hect says2015-05-22T00:34:53.4381742-05:00
At times I wish there was a hell for people like her
PetersSmith says2015-05-22T00:40:12.0167012-05:00
Hect: Sorry, it's already reserved for you.
hect says2015-05-22T00:40:56.8783633-05:00
Not to forget she supported and restated John Paul II statement "aids are bad but not as bad as condoms" in places ravaged with HIV
hect says2015-05-22T00:42:34.5473689-05:00
Nice ad hominem, try again
PetersSmith says2015-05-22T00:43:34.8470011-05:00
Hect: You're one to talk.
hect says2015-05-22T00:45:50.0548012-05:00
"I'm one to talk" i've said quite a few things here what are you refering to
PetersSmith says2015-05-22T00:50:37.5963694-05:00
Hect: And you need to calm down with those things: "Shut up with your american spreading ideology you fascist pig." and "You're obviously american too. How ignorant to my way of life, get cultured. I suppose I should not expect much more from american thought being the brain dead slobs you guys are" and "I hope they wipe america off the face of the earth".
hect says2015-05-22T00:57:01.0870360-05:00
Yes but my insults were relevant to the arguments at the time, just as now with theresa being a cretin which again i'm glad she is dead. I will not calm down either, I am not a pacifist I revel in confrontation.
PetersSmith says2015-05-22T00:58:31.4839579-05:00
Hect: Good.
Stefy says2015-05-22T08:31:03.4484398-05:00
Hect: I dont really have an opinion on this woman as i dont really know much about her but youre being an obnoxious jerk.
briantheliberal says2015-05-22T08:35:42.6097922-05:00
"but my insults were relevant to the arguments at the time" - They are still insults though, and very offensive ones.
hect says2015-05-22T09:10:02.3100207-05:00
@Stefy: If I need to be "an obnoxious jerk" to tell it how it is then fine.
hect says2015-05-22T09:11:50.6345990-05:00
Brian if i've said it once i've said it a thousand times offence means nothing. It's not an argument it is just a feeling if you want to express your feelings go see a psychiatrist
briantheliberal says2015-05-22T09:14:29.2910682-05:00
Insults are not arguments. They're insults. They hold no validity, especially ones based on generalizations.
hect says2015-05-22T09:17:07.9953238-05:00
Perhaps but you don't see me whining like a child and playing the 'offence' card
Midnight1131 says2015-05-22T10:29:56.4973338-05:00
PetersSmith, I'll have to ask why you quoted something off of my profile. But I voted no on this poll because there were many problems with her actions. Not the least of which was her baptizing dying patients, regardless of their religion. She also didn't spend donated money on better equipment at her facilities, but instead gave it to the Vatican for general use. And she thought that suffering brought people closer to Christ. As said in an interview. She was asked: "Do you teach the poor to endure their lot?" Reply - "I think it is very beautiful for the poor to accept their lot, to share it with the passion of Christ. I think the world is being much helped by the suffering of the poor people."

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