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Posted by: TSanders

Many students also meet mastery before walking in the classroom. What do we do with them?

Poll closed on 9/30/2015 at 12:00AM.
  • Yes, graduate early

  • No, stay with peers

80% 4 votes
20% 1 votes
  • Why waste their time? I mean, if they want to stay with their peers, let them, but graduating early should definitely be an option.

  • My friends are apart of my family and who I am so I want to walk across that stage with them

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chandlerrouse says2015-09-17T15:33:02.8918880Z
I am mixed by the way the question is framed. I am a post grad at fifteen so obviously I have excelled past my "peers", how ever in regards to the American standardized test or Core curriculum...You DO need so yardstick to measure progress and k-12 that has to be consistent throughout the nation, iI really don't see how that concept escape you?
UtherPenguin says2015-09-17T23:55:28.4720943Z
How the flying f*k are you a post graduate at fifteen. What sorcery is that?! @chandlerrouse
chandlerrouse says2015-09-18T22:16:55.6758458Z
The same F*ckingreaso you're not, I am intelligent you are an idiot.
May1110 says2015-09-25T09:42:57.8491055Z
I feel it needs to be an option, but not a requirement. I've been asked by the school my daughter attends to allow her to skip grades. I turn down the option every single time. She is seven, though and I feel that shouldn't be her decision, yet. However, that being said, her teachers have had to go above and beyond (or rather didn't have to, but did on their own) to order her books to keep her challenged in the classroom where she is above everyone else. I think at this early stage, she should stick with her friends and appropriate age group, but I do like it being a continual option. When she is older, I would like to give her full control of the situation in deciding if she wants to skip a grade or not.
Donderpants says2015-09-27T20:02:12.7140539Z
@Chandlerrouse- Just saying that it's somewhat ironic that you forget to both use the space bar and have the letter "n" for the word "reason" in a sentence about how intelligent you are.... Probably just a typo, I only pointed it out because it was mildly amusing. Post grad though..... Wow. I'm ahead of my year, but not by that much. Maybe if my primary had actually taught me something other than how to read..... I'd be ahead enough to pass 3 or 4 years early. As it is, I'm only 2 ahead, so no chance I'll be post grad by 15. Particularly because the NZ education system doesn't let you actually skip years.

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