• Mulan

  • The lion king

48% 16 votes
52% 17 votes
  • I like Mulan. . . I REALLY do. . . But Lion King is one of the most well put together movies. . . Not just animated movies. . . MOVIES. . . Of all time. The score (Elton John! ), Cast, Animation and plot. . (yes, Right out of Hamlet). . . All come together nicely. I mean, The cast had Robert Guillaume, James Earl Jones, Matthew Broderick, Nathan Lane, Cheech Marin, Whoopi Goldberg, Jeremy Irons and Mr Bean. . . All using their talents in their characters perfectly. . . Mulan had. . . Well. . . Ming Na and Donny Osmond. . . That's ok. . . I guess. But it just doesn't compare.

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TLG2005 says2018-11-03T23:55:45.2737595Z
I do personally love both Lion King and Mulan. But I have to go for Mulan with this one. To me she shows independence and encourages women that they can do so much more as much as men.
Dalerius says2019-03-13T19:07:17.1866965Z
I like the storyline of Mulan better and I like it's theme.

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