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No, it's not your body and it's not your choice!

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Yes, it's your body and it's your choice.

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thisisfinite says2017-05-24T14:46:17.6484730Z
Suicide is a mental problem, not an actual 'choice'. People are so depressed that they start to think no one cares about them and life is not worth living. If your mind is clear and you are a perfectly healthy human being that has a loving relationship, and still wants to die, then... I guess I should let you, but I would try to help you realize what you're deciding to do. Would you let a child live by themselves, because it's their choice? If a child threatens to run away, would you let them?
Leaning says2017-11-22T12:06:28.3303951Z
It is your body and it is your choice. Your choice does not need to be accepted.

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