NASA vs. The Private Sector

Should space exploration be handled by NASA or the private sector?

  • NASA

  • The Private Sector

65% 13 votes
35% 7 votes
  • No, please. Humanity. Let us not begin the privatization of Space. Humanity must band together, share our limited resources and expand, not leaving behind destruction but leaving behind flourishing worlds and colonies. When will humanity learn that we need to band together, help each other instead of fighting. Sharing instead of stealing. We must reach for the stars.

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  • Private organizations don't have the "immediate return" from space travel that would motivate them to actually do something. The government (which should be funding NASA appropriately) is supposed to look ahead to the future and ensure the long-term well-being of its citizens. Unfortunately, they aren't; they mostly concern themselves with their own monetary gain and getting reelected.

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TH3L0NEJ03 says2017-10-10T20:30:33.9895283Z
Do you really want to leave the hope of space exploration to feeble governments? They only innovate out of fear of collapse. For example, what you're casting this vote with, is an example of capitalistic innovation from the private sector. The creation of the first "general purpose" electronic computer, ENIAC, was made during WW2. It was made for faster computation of ballistic missiles, but it was the private sector that continued to innovate computers throughout the years. Do you really want the fear of annihilation to forever drive the helm of our species? For the private sector, it only takes incentive (money).

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