NAZI scientists should be granted amnesty after world war 2

Posted by: Iron_Wolf287

Please give me the pros and cons and reasons for both sides of the topic

  • Nazi scientists should be granted amnesty after WW2

  • Nazi scientists should not be granted amnesty after WW2

73% 8 votes
27% 3 votes
  • Not full amnesty perhaps, there should be some punishment, but many of those scientists were forced to work for the Nazi's.

  • What Donderpants said

  • It needs to be handled on an individual case basis, but WW2 ended 70 years ago. Many of the people who both committed and received these atrocities are already dead. Those that remain are well into old age and will not last much longer. I think we've reached the point were it is time to move on.

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lannan13 says2015-07-27T12:47:23.3392173-05:00
The only ones that should get amnesty are those who were involved in Opperation Paper Clip.

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