Neoliberalism vs Naziism: is either a lesser evil?

Posted by: Annapurna1

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Yes. One is better (or at least less bad) than the other (pls comment).

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No. Both are equally malignant; and if neoliberalism is not yet as violent as was Naziism, it inevitably will become so.

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Charliecdubs says2014-05-16T09:08:59.7067411-05:00
Well Neoliberalism would be the counter movement to fascism (like NAZI) and communism. It is attempt to reopen the markets that may have been restricted and create a more free/secular constitution that would have been outlawed under someone like Hitler. It is also a movement against former colonizers of the particular state that was colonized. I feel as though somehow you confused Neoliberalism with fascism or made it out to be a similar thing or that it implies mass murdering/religious dictators like Hitler. If you lived in a state where Neoliberalism was a trend you would be seeing an attempt to create a more democratic/free market/secular state so it isn't even really a bad thing unless it got carried away but it's basically the counter movement to every dictator since the 1900's. Just confused as to what the problem with it would be less it got carried away.
Annapurna1 says2014-05-25T13:32:06.3935308-05:00
Pinochet remains the benchmark for neoliberalism, and he (along w/ Reagan, Thatcher, and of course Bush) definitely fell into the category of mass-murdering dictators.

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