• Netflix

  • Redbox

80% 24 votes
20% 6 votes
  • never used a redbox

  • saves GAS TIME and money!!!

  • Netflix is provided throughout all devices.

  • (Cracks fingers) This should be easy. Netflix has an infinitely larger choice of movies and also has TV shows which redbox does not do. While Redbox does not have TV, I do admit they have games but that is the only benefit. Netflix is more convenient and instantly accesible while you have to go find a Redbox and then go get the movie/game but if they are out of that particular one, guess you go find another one. Netflix, you just search it and start watching. Lastly, while Netflix may have more fees annually, it also is unlimited and has thousands more choices.

  • You can watch 100 movies on netflix everyday and only have to spend 6.00 dollars at the end of the month

  • all the way

  • netflix :]

  • netflix because netflix and chiil is the way to roll

  • Netflix has a subscription, while redbox costs $1 a night. Assuming you're someone like me, who doesn't watch movies that often and instead sometimes uses putlocker, redbox is the better choice.

  • Redbox is highly convenient and also costs much less per movie

  • They're cheap and easily acessable. They normally have new releases long before they're released on Netflix. But then again, that might have changed. I haven't had Netflix in over a year. Netflix is only better if you are binge watching.

    Posted by: Owlz
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discomfiting says2014-04-23T10:48:57.0260481-05:00
"Redbox is highly convenient and also costs much less per movie" Netflix doesn't have you buy "per movie". Netflix has 7 bucks per month for all of it's shows and movies.
static_cast says2014-04-23T14:44:43.0838626-05:00
To "saves GAS TIME and money!!!". No, just no. I am within walking distance of a redbox.
discomfiting says2014-04-23T21:38:34.8537411-05:00
There's a redbox nearly everywhere like at walmarts and grocery stores; people are just too lazy
michaeln23 says2014-04-24T01:00:11.3698341-05:00
I like both honestly

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