New Study: 52% Of Republicans Would Support Trump Postponing The 2020 Election

Posted by: reece

Would you I support Trump's decision if he decided to postpone the 2020 election?

  • Yes. I Would Support Emperor Trump's Decision.

  • No. He's a Clown.

18% 4 votes
82% 18 votes
  • Yes I would support to suspend any election that has been compromised and infected with voter fraud. Once it has been cleared up and guilty parties put in jail. Let a free and fair election begin.

  • No, he can't. The United States will NEVER go down to the path that the Philippines took during the era of Marcos. He wants to postpone the election in order to become a dictator.

    Posted by: jc1996
  • Can presidents even do that?

  • He is crud man

  • Just can't see my self voting for him. Maybe i will change my mind in 4 years, if i see real change.

    Posted by: Nd2400
  • I could definitely see them supporting it. Heil den F├╝hrer, and all that shit.

  • No I don't support him postponing the election. Sounds something like what Hillary would do. I am a Republican.

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Mharman says2017-08-11T12:03:59.2725219Z
Where is your source? I doubt that that was a real study.
Mharman says2017-08-11T14:24:45.7356085Z
He doesn't want to postpone the election. That's just a bunch of noise from the left.
platoandaristotle says2017-08-11T15:25:24.1659299Z
Here's the source I think https://www.Washingtonpost.Com/news/monkey-cage/wp/2017/08/10/in-a-new-poll-half-of-republicans-say-they-would-support-postponing-the-2020-election-if-trump-proposed-it/?Tid=hybrid_experimentrandom_1_na&utm_term=.9e13a9b7a174
DrCereal says2017-08-11T17:42:22.3065234Z
So Mharman. How does that source make you feel? Too bad your sweet party isn't as smart as you wish to think they are.
Swagnarok says2017-08-11T18:28:00.3346779Z
Some badly needed context: 52% of Republicans would support postponing the 2020 election so that there's time to conduct a full investigation into voter fraud and ensure that in the next election only legally eligible people will be able to cast votes.
FatherOfFlow says2017-08-12T01:00:25.5318051Z
If you can't see Washington Posts bias, you are a clown yourself. If you ACTUALLY READ the article, it says.. "The survey interviewed a sampel of 1,325 Americans from June 5 through 20 .. "We focus on 650 respondents who identify or lean toward the Republican party." Donald Trump had over 62,000,000 votes but according to the Washington Post, only 650 get to speak for them all.
reece says2017-08-12T02:05:05.5553731Z
They voted for a strongman didn't they?
platoandaristotle says2017-08-12T03:58:48.2811103Z
Well, no such thing as a perfect study. I think that WP is biased, but it doesn't deny that it is (and thus allows conservative bloggers on). No matter the motive, it should be illegal (or at least HEAVILY regulated) for a president to postpone the vote.
sadolite says2017-08-13T20:02:22.6646369Z
Context is everything when it comes to reporting poll results. The author of this DDO poll is definitely context lacking on purpose. The goal is to mislead the users of DDO. Same sht different day.
reece says2017-08-14T06:12:35.0831692Z
@sadolite Okay, what's the context? I bet you'll avoid mentioning a few things if you come across them.
reece says2017-08-14T06:16:19.4169212Z
Try not to confuse cunningness with laziness.
sadolite says2017-08-15T00:45:17.2345052Z
The context of the poll is here. It discusses voter fraud https://www.Washingtonpost.Com/news/monkey-cage/wp/2017/08/10/in-a-new-poll-half-of-republicans-say-they-would-support-postponing-the-2020-election-if-trump-proposed-it/?Tid=hybrid_experimentrandom_1_na&utm_term=.9e13a9b7a174
sadolite says2017-08-15T00:47:35.4054766Z
Oh ya, so yes I would be completely for suspending any election regardless of who the candidates are if voter fraud is suspected.
Polytheist_Witch says2017-08-15T22:35:30.4273086Z
What study? The study suggested it no Trump. He is a douche but lying is stupid
Mharman says2017-08-22T17:39:54.4499262Z
@DrCereal: It makes me laugh, because WaPo is incredibly biased and they often fabricate stories.

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