• Go with the alternative flag.

  • Stay with the current flag.

47% 9 votes
53% 10 votes
  • previous one was very similar to Australian flag so New Zealand have to accept this to make their own different flag as it is translator of any nations thinking and ideas

  • Take down the union jack, it clashes with the sunset

  • It would be a nice change. Represents new Zealand much better than the old one.

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PetersSmith says2016-03-14T20:19:42.5033980Z
They should replace the black with red, but otherwise they should change it because the UK's commonwealths need to govern themselves. If New Zealand was smart, they would replace the UK part with the US flag instead.
reece says2016-03-14T20:24:59.4108851Z
@PetersSmith Black is pretty much our national color.
reece says2016-03-14T20:33:19.7458367Z
@PetersSmith We were the first country to let women vote. We're too progressive for you guys.
dietorangesoda says2016-03-14T22:59:22.3532069Z
I actually really like the new flag
BrendanD19 says2016-03-14T23:06:54.4597050Z
@PeterSmith actually that was an option, but it lost in the preliminary referendum.
BrendanD19 says2016-03-14T23:07:16.0970437Z
@PeterSmith actually that was an option, but it lost in the preliminary referendum.
triangle.128k says2016-03-15T00:53:31.4297544Z
@reece but you didn't land on the moon ^_^
reece says2016-03-15T01:02:18.6296720Z
@triangle.128k You didn't either ;)
reece says2016-03-15T01:03:14.0890940Z
Neither *
reece says2016-03-15T01:03:34.4429764Z
Neither *
triangle.128k says2016-03-15T01:53:32.5480884Z
I meant to address new Zealanders collectively...
reece says2016-03-15T01:56:15.7594732Z
@triangle.128k It's a double entendre.

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