Nikola Tesla vs. Thomas Edison: Who's the better inventor?

Who is the more important inventor: Nikola Tesla or Thomas Edison?

  • Nikola Tesla

  • Thomas Edison

89% 33 votes
11% 4 votes
  • Tesla voted for AC current over Edison's DC current. Look who won out. And yet, Edison is more famous...

  • No doubt Tesla! He could have revolutionized the world even more. His ideas made a bigger impact on electricity.

  • I have to go with Tesla. Edison never invented a doomsday device.

    Posted by: DanT
  • Edison is a bum

  • Considering Edison just ripped everything off of tesla I'm go no go with tesla

  • If you are reading this then you should thank Tesla.

  • I picked nikola tesla, I only head about him when I was eleven and that was because I saw an article about him. The more I read about nikola tesla, the more I read about how rude and mean Thomas Edison could be, I still like him, but nikola tesla was so underrated today and in his day, while people like Edison took the credit. So what he was a bit crazy with the Pigeon love affair and all that, but he was everything I thought Edison was- kind, thoughtful, and fair. Edison stole parents from him, and tesla even allowed some guy (I can't remember the name of.) use his patents! I might have an obsession with tesla, but he was and is a hero, and not many people know about that.

  • tesla was the world's greatest creative mind. He wanted to give the world his inventions for the sake of making it a better place – not for money, Not for personal glory. This isn't really a debate because nikola tesla is in my eyes the greatest inventor to ever live. He deserves a legacy far greater than he got but i'm glad he's finally getting some recognition. Without tesla our world would be backwards and dark.

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Magic8000 says2013-09-04T13:11:54.9952171-05:00
Tesla is my favorite scientist.
drzevia says2013-11-15T18:38:56.4509558-06:00
Edisons a bum

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