Posted by: katie2435

Students in college shouldn't be getting like a million pages of homework. Or elementery grades



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44% 12 votes
  • Because Resons

  • we might have time to do better things than turning in papers that might not help us in the future

  • Homework can cause unnecessary stress, and in many cases is completely pointless. The only class where homework is justified is probably math and in some cases Language Arts, since those are skills that get better with practice and thinking.

  • An assessment of information? What a deluded joke.

  • Homework is a bad idea because it cuts time to play, it takes away other important activities, and it doesn't improve test scores.

  • Homework might not be so horrible if you did it right... start with not giving them an enormous overload. Also some people have different styles of learning... wasting their entire evening on boring repetitive garbage instead of having free time to choose what they want is far worse for independent types. Let them choose how to learn on their own... don't assume everyone needs to be treated the same. Kids did better in my day, where the daily homework was assigned but worth so little of the mark that you could skip it entirely if you knew enough to still perform well on tests. Only larger assignments mattered much, and were infrequent. Or homeschool.

  • Homework is an assignment that you do after school. Some people say homework is a good practice, And other people say homework is a waste of time. Do you know that 56/100 of student get stressed out by homework! homework can rob your time, Your fun, And your social time. According to “is homework necessary” it says that homework is a waste of time. Other people might say homework can make you smart, But you can watch YouTube and you can learn and be smart. If there is a much funnier way to learn why not use the funnier way to learn? Homework can take away sleeping time https://www. 1dental. Com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Students-Sleeping-Habits-Pie-Chart-1. Jpg Said it said 67/100 of student only sleep for 5-7H/N. 53/100 of them say they did not get enough sleep. And 61/100 of them say that homework stops them from sleeping. Other people might say you don’t need to sleep too much, But 5-7H/N is way too less. So that why homework is bad for you. homework is stressful my evidence is https://qph. Fs. Quoracdn. Net/main-qimg-826231fa52a98028c5957e65823c5aaf. Webp It said most stress comes from homework that is a lot of stress, Homework can be the reason that some kids don’t like coming to school. Also is your time, Your work, And your pencil, The teacher has no control over it. So, You can use your things to have fun and recycle your homework because recycle help the plant earth. Other might say homework help you learn more, But you don’t need to learn too much, And recycle don’t help the earth, But what is your evidence that recycle don’t help the earth. And other might say not all HW are boring. But most of them are. In conclusion. Homework can be bad. You can fix the problem be give 1 homework per week. If the problem is not solved a lot of kids will have a bad life.

  • Homework is a evaluation of student's academic. Without homework,teachers wont be able to determine student's level within the student body.

    Posted by: Vanity
  • I was brought up with parents who have always told me that the whole point of homework is so that teachers can see how well you understand the particular task set s homework. This makes complete sense to me because in my school too many people were just asking the teacher for help instead of actually paying attention and trying to work it out for themselves... after all, you cant ask a teacher for the answer in exams or in the rea lworld!

  • if you don have homework how do you expect to learn what they just taught you .

  • I am not fond of homework but If my teachers did not assign homework everything that I learned in school would go in one ear and out the other without homework.

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NOTRANSENXD says2016-03-04T19:50:48.3306573Z
Homework kids these days do not do enough homework
snkcake666 says2016-03-05T05:11:03.5146721Z
Nothing more pathetic than a society which attempts to define human worth and comprehension through numbers and words scribbled on a page. Wish to educate students? Then instead of confining them, refine them- in free environments filled with physical opportunities to express talents and reflections of their studies. Like with any statistics, grades and homework are bound to an endless supply of confounding variables, which improperly assess the capabilities (or even work ethic for that matter) of the students. Because "in the real world", -individuals- shall work side by side in accomplishment, and not isolated to solve universal question as a lone souls. Individuality is not achieved through isolation, but instead, freedom.
Charlatte says2019-03-08T23:14:42.6947367Z
Homework has been proven to not benefit people especially if there is so much of it. I personally know I just BS my way through homework and still do well. I don't see any use for homework honestly. I see homework as just busywork to take over time that could be spent on passions and actually having a life and socializing.

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