• Barack Obama

  • Mitt Romney

33% 24 votes
67% 49 votes
  • Obama is the worst president as least since FDR, if not ever.

  • I am not going to be like imabench and call someone incompatent without substantial proof. The article below sums up the average American's views on Obama now. Here: http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/nilegardiner/100220493/the-stunning-decline-of-barack-obama-2013-ten-key-reasons-why-the-obama-presidency-is-in-meltdown/

  • ROMNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • First, Obama is a tyrant. And secondly, he's making America's oil situation even worse. Romney could have gotten us out of that easily.

  • cool

  • Obama failed horribly the first time and should not have been given a second chance. His campaign was all lies that he repeated over and over again until stupid people believed it.

  • Mitt is 100% better with the nations financial crisis and he appeals to someone who wants to better the country as a whole much more. He is a better political speaker, he's more respectable as a person to other countries and Obama is a nuisance who's political speaking has earned him NO respect from any countries. Obama LIES TO HIS ALLIES AND STAYS NEUTRAL WHEN HE SHOULD BE STICKING UP FOR THEM. OUR ECONOMY HAS BEEN GETTING HIS WITH A SLEDGE HAMMER SINCE OBAMA HAS BEEN IN OFFICE. HE IS SWITCHING UP HIS OPINIONS ON THE ASSAD REGIME NOW AFTER ALL OF THIS TERM OIL. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

  • Ebola, ISIS, NSA Spying, Gun Control, Ferguson, from Kenya, and his middle name is Hussein. Can't forget Bergdahl either.

  • check out my article assessing Obama's presidency on: http://werwatchingu.wordpress.com

    Posted by: jalex2
  • Mitt Romney will help our economy unlike what Obama has done.

  • Cuz obamas black

  • Hahaha someone said Romney is incompetent compared to Obama. Romney was an extremely successful businessman and he was able to serve as governor. Wait what was Obama again, a community organizer, I am sure he had much more experience running things than Romney.

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leojm says2013-09-18T16:28:28.1069997-05:00
I don't like either of them. But if I had to choose, I would choose Romney.
StarTrek says2013-09-19T06:49:23.6704699-05:00
imabench says2013-09-22T13:53:36.6494396-05:00
Its amazing how retards like StarTrek will go to no end to try to prove one mediocre president is the worst we ever had, yet blindly support a candidate who is clearly equally, if not even more incompetent, and refuse to face the music over i... But I guess thats just the natural state of mind of retarded white conservatives these days... No wonder why Romney only flipped two states
StarTrek says2013-10-02T17:55:51.1006445-05:00
How am I retarded? Let me sum this up for you. 1. I have better grammar. 2. My maturity exceeds your own, you act like an immature eleven year old (sounds about right as you are a Democrat). 3. You have no ACTUAL knowledge of the government's inner workings or our economy's inner workings, yet you claim you do. 4. All the Democrat presidents after JFK have been crap. 5. The majority of Democrats I have met blindly follow Obama and the rest of his extremist left wing group. Let me pull out some of the Democrats' methods that are the reason why Romney did not win. 1. He was slammed for being a Mormon. <--BIG ONE! 2. He was slammed for being rich. 3. He was slammed for being Republican. Obama comparision: 1. Not slammed for being a Christian. (Secular my ass) 2. He was not slammed for being rich. (he was worth over 7 million before he was even the President) 3. He was not slammed for being a Democrat.
PatriotPerson says2013-11-30T20:40:04.7101108-06:00
I agree that the democrat presidents after JFK sucked, except for Clinton. The Democrats REALLY sucked from 1969-1992.
rapeface says2014-01-09T14:48:54.5396832-06:00
Both of them suck
TheGoodAmerican says2014-11-28T15:35:16.1824917-06:00
President Barack Obama hasn't done a SINGLE good thing for this country socially or fiscally. The only good/helpful thing his administration has done is the assassination of Bin Laden, which Obama really wasn't responsible for, as Bush started searching and Obama continued the effort.
lolafurniss says2015-01-29T15:54:47.2222067-06:00
Obama is COMPLETELY RUINING OUR ECONOMY obama care is completely STUPID. Mitt Romney would have been a better choice, he would help us unlike Obama and having us in Poverty.

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