Ohio: Trump vs Clintion

Posted by: broncosrule1999

Please only vote if you live in Ohio

  • Donald Trump

  • Hillary Clintion

82% 9 votes
18% 2 votes
  • I had a Top Secret SCI security clearance when I was in the US Navy. HRC is guilty for not protecting classified material on a classified system.

  • I picked Donald Trump because He will treat America like a large company and he will get america out of debt because of it.

    Posted by: oPTIZk
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Abnacav says2016-08-21T19:09:21.6408044Z
Allow Jill Stine to debate .
Abnacav says2016-08-21T19:09:47.9737732Z
Allow Jill Stein to debate .
Abnacav says2016-08-21T19:10:09.4551109Z
Allow Jill Stein to debate .
Abnacav says2016-08-21T19:10:31.3264511Z
Allow Jill Stein to debate .
Abnacav says2016-08-21T19:10:53.2133914Z
Allow Jill Stein to debate .
Abnacav says2016-08-21T19:11:14.8663302Z
Allow Jill Stein to debate .

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