Old Miley Cyrus or New Miley

Posted by: Missyloo13

Which do you think is better?

  • Old Miley

  • New Miley

84% 26 votes
16% 5 votes
  • I don't know who she is or anything, but she used to look a whole lot prettier and happier.

  • There is a reason why old miley is beating new miley 15-0 currently.

  • At least the old Miley Cyrus didn't twerk, smoke weed, and act like a twelve-year old who's seen too much adult TV.

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9spaceking says2014-06-26T17:29:30.3234818-05:00
She came in like a worse wrecking ball than before. :P
Auragirl360 says2014-06-26T17:41:21.2899324-05:00
There is no 'old' and 'new'. Sadly, she has always been like this, but couldn't express herself due to Hannah Montana. She said so herself.
Missyloo13 says2014-06-26T17:44:04.0447324-05:00
@Auragirl 360, I wonder why she took the job then? Or why she did not show herself before. Hannah Montana cancelled a while before Miley did this
JasperFrancisShickadance says2014-06-26T22:50:37.3386911-05:00
Miley's a HORRIBLE example for the youth. Look out for next generation...!

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