• Old Taylor Swift

  • New Taylor Swift

69% 18 votes
31% 8 votes
  • im so sad that she's changed. look what you made me do sucks. I miss her old songs.

  • Old swift at least had some dignity. Now she's just trying to ride the wave.

  • I feel like the old Taylor put more heart/feeling into her songs, which is why so many people miss it- she was more relatable, and her songs were so full of meaning, while the new Taylor is great, but there's also nothing that makes her any different from the other pop stars, and she could be so much better.

  • The new Taylor

  • I like how mature she is now and the way she twist the entertainment drama into her benefit. She's not playing the sweet innocent role anymore, she's a genius

  • Taylor Swift is more successful and has way more fans. As a fan she does well in either but she is more successful now than ever before.

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Polytheist_Witch says2017-08-29T15:13:57.6727262Z
Same crap music. What does her getting older matter.

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