On balance, entertainment arts are taken too far as a form of Escapism.

Posted by: MyDinosaurHands

By entertainment arts I mean books, videos, movies, and video games.

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MyDinosaurHands says2014-07-01T20:49:33.2330472-05:00
I suppose Escapism is more acceptable from a Utilitarian point of view. You know people aren't going to start helping the starving in Africa because they no longer can immerse themselves in Law and Order and Transformers, therefore some amount of Escapism could be justified.
Zlehn says2014-07-02T12:22:38.6114118-05:00
The U.S. spent $37,680,000,000 on foreign aid in 2012. The entertainment industry only had an income of $479.23 billion.

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