• Ron Burgundy

  • One Direction

77% 20 votes
23% 6 votes
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ConservativeThinking says2014-05-12T17:37:24.4704886-05:00
Terrible band vs terrible comedic facade? Neither, sorry.
jmbeatty99 says2014-05-12T19:10:03.4814987-05:00
If you're going to act like that then go somewhere else, because this is for fun. We don't need your stupid opinions and fancy vocabulary.
Dilara says2014-05-12T19:10:41.9175781-05:00
Hmmm 5 young handsome talented kind men compared to some old hag....Hmmmmm I'll go with my future husbands one direction!
jacobie1121 says2014-05-12T21:55:07.9994987-05:00
Future husbands? Ouch
Jman0056 says2014-05-15T19:02:37.4865581-05:00
That was a fame number btw. But call it any way 2 c wut happens

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