• One Direction

  • The Beatles

14% 7 votes
86% 43 votes
  • I love them! So cute, kind and talented!.

    Posted by: Dilara
  • One Direction have actually achieved more than the beatles!! Do your homework. NO disrespect to the beatles but I just love 1D and 1D has saved my life.

  • Facts are facts; both boy bands were directed towards the same age group. Both have amazing lyricists (@ mad Beatles fans, look up the individual albums of One Direction members and tell me the lyrics aren't good, I dare you to), and both have overplayed pop love songs. The Beatles' fanbase was 13 y/o when they started too, it was only after their separation that they became huge, and One Direction managed to do that before they separated. If you look at how many concerts and albums they've sold, 1D takes this one

  • Dont even have to think about this

  • Is this a F*cking joke? The Beatles are legends that went down in musical history. Back then you couldn't create the same kind of digital music that you can now. Anyone with zero talent can make a catchy song. The Beatles could actually sing and perform. 1 Direction will be replaced and forgotten.

  • Wait a second, is this an actual question?

  • In the beginning, The Beatles were just like One Direction, making love songs to get into girls' pants, but they transformed into the (arguably) greatest band of all time.

  • I think that the Beatles are pretty overrated, and I like many of their contemporaries more than them. However, they trump One Direction pretty solidly in my book.

  • Is this even a question...

  • I LOVE ONE DIRECTION but i cant deny that The Beatles are LEGENDS

  • Seriously?

  • I pick the beatles because their fans had some respect for themselves come on when John and Paul died all their fans didn't go on cutting sprees or try to kill themselves when Zayn leaves 1D cutting suicide etc: and thing is...he's still making music andit just shows the immaturety and attention whoreness of the directioners...and I ain't being associated with that

  • Beatles are legend. 1D are talentless. Said by a former Directioner for 4 years

  • Their achievement is more noteworthy than One Direction. Not just that, the Beatles earned their fame by using their talents and musical capability. One Direction is bland and generic.

    Posted by: Tiff34
  • Too easy

  • Why do you compare The Legends with mere singers huh! . No one is good as beatles and as significant as beatles in op music

  • What's next? A piece of plastic compared to diamonds?

  • The Beatle where in many ways Musical Pioneers. And if that's not enough, Remember that YESTERDAY holds the record for the most covered song so far. The Beatles are triumph over One Direction all and every time.

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muricamurray says2014-05-25T22:23:47.7922535-05:00
Did you guys really have to make this one?
muricamurray says2014-05-25T22:24:43.6646341-05:00
This is like asking who is better... Rush or Justin Beiber? What the hell?
Dennybug says2014-05-25T22:28:35.7775911-05:00
This is offensive
ConservativeThinking says2014-05-25T22:29:43.7252207-05:00
How so?
Dennybug says2014-05-25T22:31:04.0078030-05:00
1direction isnt even in the same league. The main difference is that one of the bands could actually sing and perform.
Dennybug says2014-05-25T22:32:24.4553543-05:00
You're taking one really trendy boy band, and putting it up against golden classics. The Beatles have gone through a much longer period, The target audience of 1D is 14 year old girls who are ignorant.
ConservativeThinking says2014-05-25T22:34:24.9909847-05:00
Actually, I believe Dilara is 17. Ignorant nonetheless.
Dennybug says2014-05-25T22:41:18.6806521-05:00
Hence what I said, this question is offensive.

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