One Round Debates vs. Three Round Debates

One Round Debates vs. Three Round Debates

  • One Round Debates are better

  • Three Round Debates are better

29% 2 votes
71% 5 votes
  • No, the 1 round is a quicker way for 2 people to put all their ideas on 1 paragraph and move quickly to the voting session it would be much easier and quicker.

  • One rounders are too short.

  • 3-rounders give people more space for aguing and linking.

  • For one round debates, you pretty much only hear each other's opinions and that's not exactly how a heated debate would go, but in a three round debate, you have time to counter argue and actually try to change each other's opinions.

  • Rebutting and defensing are needed.

    Posted by: Sonnim
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Anonymous says2016-11-22T17:15:39.4844869Z
I also forgot to say please leave a comment as to why you voted
jreslan says2016-11-22T19:30:14.0441294Z
I voted because I wanted to c what would people think of 2 different things like 3 or 1 rounds and how would they take control of that.

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