One World Government?

Posted by: bfochtman14

Do you think that the United Nation's should become a copy of the European Union? That would create a unified world government and promote peace. Or do you think that this would cause huge problems on an international scale?

  • Yes it'd be great!

  • No it'd be terrible!

43% 13 votes
57% 17 votes
  • We don't need an NWO.

  • No comments needed. And check please.

  • There would be a lot of civil wars. Look what happened in Yugoslavia.

  • Emperor, Tyrants, Kings... such things come to mind, and it is a reality. If everyone came under one leader, council or whatever was at the time of the one world nation we would have truly no where to go. No true freedom because it attempt to create a utopia, and the only way to do that is to kill everyone who disagrees. What if your one of the people who disagree? What if your family disagrees? with your lover, or children disagree? Should they die in the name of the one world nation? Are an acceptable loss in your eyes?

  • Each country is unique and should have a government specific to itself and one that is able to adjust to meet the people's needs.

  • The governments of the world now are bad enough, lets make them 100 times more powerful!! ( not a good idea)

  • look whats happened with the EU. they all have to bail each other out of tough times and then make that 100x larger. Also things like tyrants, kings and definitely terrorists would come to mind. we would most likely just destroy ourselves

    Posted by: bmcn22
  • It's extremely difficult to get things done at a state level, it is nearly impossible to get things done at a federal level. On a world level, it would be impossible.

    Posted by: vivia
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cosecant says2014-06-16T12:50:37.5602867-05:00
cosecant says2014-06-16T12:50:52.6300799-05:00
Nice poll.....
cosecant says2014-06-16T12:51:13.0973361-05:00
The UN is Enough.....
MyDinosaurHands says2014-06-20T11:58:01.8229218-05:00
I guess people could say government corruption could be a problem that would arise as a response to many different peoples resisting being united with others. But we already face government corruption already, don't we? I'd prefer government corruption with a side of less war, which is what I think we'd get with a world government.
PreferNotToBeLabeled says2014-06-26T15:26:12.1624802-05:00
Then I could finally say I'm Human instead of American. Nationalities only divide humanity not unite it.

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