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  • The core beliefs of the alt right are correct. Any nation has to put the interests of its people before others to survive. An endless flow of migrants will inevitably destroy the individual rights that liberals think they are defending. Right now we have no way of integrating racial groups without violence, living separately is the only peaceful outcome.

  • In my opinion and experience, people who hold extreme views are unable to listen to facts, or at least resent facts that do not support their views. This is true with extremists of all forms, from the alt-right to the extreme left, libertarian, authoritarian, anarchist, capitalist, jihadist, etc.

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Anonymous says2017-01-20T23:30:33.4597832Z
The Alt-Right doesn't exist.
dietorangesoda says2017-01-21T15:26:23.1198047Z
Lol sure they do
johnMalcolm says2017-11-09T20:41:04.8000601Z
The core beliefs of the alt-right are considered completely normal by almost every non-western country and was considered normal for every western country until around 50 years ago. The evidence for racial diversity causing conflict rather than peace is so staggering that it's amazing that it isn't a more widely accepted fact.
dietorangesoda says2017-11-10T19:25:38.8766907Z
I don't necessarily believe racial diversity causes conflict as much as cultural differences do and i definately believe that some cultures are more superior to others however if everyone was the same culture i don't think race would matter as much

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