Opioid Epidemic in America

Posted by: TryingToGraduate

The government has many areas where money needs to be spent(entitlement, military, government agencies,etc). However, do you believe more funding needs to be placed towards relieving the opioid epidemic in America?

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More money needs to be allocated towards combating opioid deaths/addictions
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In the middle

Opioid is a major issue with should be tended to, but there are other issues which need the money more
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The opioid epidemic is not a priority America should be spending more money on, there are other areas of priority
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CaitlinK says2018-05-29T03:23:42.5175991Z
Throwing money at this will not fix it. The opioid epidemic is not the problem but a symptom of a much bigger societal issue and that is what I believe needs to be addressed because even if you manage to fix a symptom another one is just going to pop up until the real issue is addressed. We should be focusing on long term fixes not short term.
CaitlinK says2018-08-10T15:13:23.4705023Z
Depends in what form. . . I think more jobs and opportunity should be sent to areas with really high rates because usually the 2 are related. Also policy needs to be passed that requires that Drs and other medical professionals to write scripts for pain meds that are NOT addictive and to give injured people more time to recover rather then allowing insurance companies to push them off of things like physical therapy. We need to spend more time and energy trying to prevent this rather then just caring when it becomes an epidemic. . . .

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