Orchestra or band?

Posted by: ruiran0326

This has to be one of the most debated questions at my school.

  • Orchestra

  • Band

57% 21 votes
43% 16 votes
  • Orchestras are prettier. :P

  • I'm in orchestra. I'm proud to say we have some of the smartest kids and we're not a clique.

    Posted by: JDuB
  • Orchestra. I have never seen some one march down the street with an bassoon before, bands simply don't have enough variety.

  • Orchestra is simply beautiful. I love the sound of the violin and the cello. Simply because it's just beautiful.

  • Orchestra, in my opinion, is better. It could be because I am in orchestra and being enemies with band people happens the moment you start to join. I have my reasons, and I am not trying to bash band players. I will also acknowledge the fact that If I were in band I would be picking band, but that's just not the scenario. One of the reasons I believe orchestra is better is because orchestras have the ability to play any tone whether it's a soft and beautiful piece, or an intense and full of life piece. When I hear bands, I just feel like they don't have the ability to play like that. I also believe that orchestra is better because the work put into it is much more than just marching on a field. Many movies also have full orchestra music in the background, and I never notice all band music. The reason we don't march on fields or in parades is because that isn't enough of a challenge. We could do it in a split second. I don't know why band kids always complain about how hard it is to march on a field. It doesn't seem that complex :) also if it's that hard just quit. A lot of orchestra kids get called nerds, but nerds are smart so I'll take it as a compliment. Orchestra kids are very talented and play some of the hardest instruments. Good posture is required. Some people who haven't even gone to an orchestra concert use prejudice towards orchestra, and say it's "boring." You can't judge until you join and participate for at least 2 years. I believe orchestra is better than band and anyone who is deciding on which one to join, I highly recommend orchestra. I play the violin and I didn't realize it until my second year that I wanted to play it for the rest of my life. So yeah, HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! :)

  • orchestra is classical music it is beautiful. band is random music so its a lot of mumbo jumbo.

  • Orchestra instruments are more difficult to play, yet orchestra players tend to learn much faster than band players.

  • To counter everything on the band side: Orchestra can be intense, And demanding, And calm at the same time. The instruments have wider ranges of different types of articulations, And are easier to control dynamics on. It is actually quite amazing how four instruments can make so many different noises, And even mimic band instruments. They all fit together perfectly, And can make the most beautiful songs. Orchestra can also be challenging, Since we can play fast, And do all sorts of shifting and new positions. 90% of the friends I made were from orchestra and we all became a family who support each other no matter what. Orchestra kids know how to play all of the other instruments easily. In fact, We had someone swap instruments mid year to help with a concert. Orchestra gives way more physical and mental benefits, And is definitely anything but boring

  • band is physically and mentally demanding, and you have to think about your note, the air speed, how your lips are set, and the pitch, or a different note will come out. you can't just hold down a key the right way and blow. band can sound just as beautiful as orchestra, as well as many other styles. not to mention the difficulty of marching band.

  • Band is a good way to get to know people. I am a band nerd as people say but there's more than just playing in a band with people. The people overtime become a second family. And trust me by going with band you will not be disappointed

  • Band is simply a more challenging subject to master. It combines the patience of positions and fingerings with the strength of air support, which I can guarantee string instruments CANNOT vouch for. It also provides WAY more options than orchestra can say. As well as more variety in sound and pitch. BAND GEEKS 4 LYFE

    Posted by: amels
  • Marching band. Definitely. Orchestra simply puts me to sleep, you can get some exciting stuff out of band.

  • I'm not hating on Orchestra, But as someone who has been in both Band and Orchestra, I can give some support to my pick. I played in Orchestra for 2 years in school and then decided to try out Band. I would just try Band for a year, And then I would play in the one that I liked better. So I switched from violin to flute, And to be perfectly honest, I mostly stayed for my second year of playing flute because some of my friends were in band. However, During my second year, I was 100% confident that I wanted to play in band. As I am still in school, I am still in band, And I'm 100% sure that I will stay in the band community until I finish school. I would also like to point out that band is mostly seen as a hardcore music type group, Most likely because of symbols and drums, But the percussion section also has instruments for classical pieces as well, Such as bells, Piano/keyboard, Triangle, And many more that I'm not going to take the time to name. There are also several movies that have band songs, Such as the Lion King, The Incredibles, Frozen, Trolls, Star Wars, Harry Potter, And MANY others. Not to mention that band requires more skill, Seeing as nobody blows into orchestra instruments, And there's typically no percussion section in orchestra. Nevertheless, As fun as Band vs Orchestra debates can be. . . We can all agree that Band and Orchestra are both. . . Better than CHORUS! (I'm just kidding) Band and Orchestra both make beautiful music, And have fun making it, And that's all that matters. <3

    Posted by: Flutie
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mcalcara says2013-11-20T14:20:00.8676569-06:00
I Play the Cello. :P
NipplezSanchez says2014-01-06T20:24:37.6625715-06:00
If you have ever done Marching Band I know you will agree that it was the most amazing experience anyone could have.
Grace_Romeave says2016-03-09T19:10:03.5697740Z
Orchestra is beautiful
pizzzazzzz says2016-03-29T16:41:01.5941660Z
I play all of the cello, violin, viola, bass, flute, and trombone

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