Our education system should be changed?

Posted by: draxhunter

The way we are taught should be changed.

  • Yes of course

  • No way

89% 24 votes
11% 3 votes
  • Ours should be. Yes.

  • We should decentralize the education system, give the administrators of schools incentives to provide quality education, remove the political corruption from the education system, and give parents a greater choice in their children's education. The only real way to accomplish all of these effectively is to get rid of public schools altogether and leave education up to parents and private educators. This way, there will be ensured quality education, free from corruption and inefficiency, and specialized to each student's needs.

  • yes. source: Stanley Milgram

  • Hey,,,our means what?? Iam from India and definitely education system should be change..

  • Yes it should

  • Children, teenagers, adults should learn about life, about why there is suffering, how survive if theres a power outage for 5 minutes. know what i mean? not how to run a business and learn things theyre never gona use. need more freedom and choice

    Posted by: MCAC
  • The public school system isn't working and we all know it.

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Gustav_Adolf_II says2014-04-11T13:58:28.4411370-05:00
Are we talking about america or the whole world?
draxhunter says2014-04-15T19:15:43.7660186-05:00
America and the world
Jifpop09 says2014-04-19T19:48:14.7357627-05:00
Miles, you do know that the education system is decentralized at a maximum extent? States have full control over education, and there are virtually no federal standards anymore.
Jifpop09 says2014-04-19T19:48:54.9060202-05:00
For example, schooling in the north east is excellent, while Texas has the worst schools in america. (Conservative tie in)
miles-pro-libertate says2014-04-19T22:12:48.2977621-05:00
@Jifpop the states are not the lowest level of decentralization: the individual is the lowest level of the hypothetical "hierarchy of decentralization," and in this case I was referring to the PARENTS having complete control over their child's education. And on that topic, there are federal standards for education. Either way, my point was that the education system would be best without public schooling (at least in its current form) because it is corrupt and ineffective.

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