Out of ten debates, which one of these two would win the most?

Posted by: Mikal

Atheism vs Christianity

  • Sam Harris

  • William Lane Craig

67% 18 votes
33% 9 votes
  • Unless it was a bias audience.

  • William Lane Craig's rhetoric is based entirely on logical fallacy and bare assertion. He can't back up anything he says, and spends a great deal of time "loading" his debates. For example, in one of his debates on the validity of the "Resurrection" of Jesus, he stipulated before the debate that his opponent wasn't allowed to question the historicity of the Gospel accounts. Hello? That's what the entire debate is ABOUT.

  • It depends on how you define win. I have listened to most of Craig's debates and he uses the same arguments EVERY time.

  • Unlike William LAME, Sam's arguments are empirically supported, falsifiable, logically reasonable and truthful without ever having to rely on unjustified assertions of faith.

  • If you mean to ask who the audience would vote for, I think that's anyone's guess and probably depends on who the audience is. But William Lane Craig wouldn't know a valid argument if it slapped him in the face, so by any objective measure, Harris would do better.

  • Craig is one of the most slippery apologists I'm aware of. It's difficult for me to watch these guys obfuscate and manipulate facts to hang onto their beliefs. I don't think he is intentionally dishonest. The tortured mental gymnastics this guys has to go through to hang onto his beliefs is disconcerting. I really feel sorry for the guy. Smart people are really good at coming up with complex rationalizations to believe whatever they want.

    Posted by: 2-D
  • WLC beat the pants off of Sam Harris last time he debated him. Checkmate atheists!

  • I think it was quite obvious Harris lost. I have atheist friends who agree.

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2-D says2013-09-13T17:42:39.8204849-05:00
Wow, who is Shelly Kagan? Very satisfying to see Craig trounced the first moment he was led off his script. Thanks for the link: http://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=SiJnCQuPiuo
2-D says2013-09-13T17:46:35.7126212-05:00
Use this link: http://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=SiJnCQuPiuo
2-D says2013-09-13T17:48:09.4624738-05:00
No use this one: http://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=SiJnCQuPiuo
2-D says2013-09-13T17:52:08.0302118-05:00
Damn, why does this site change lower case letters to capitals when posting a link? Point is Shelly Kagan owns Craig in a debate. My link works if you swap the capital V for a lowercase.
Mikal says2013-09-13T17:53:47.4821243-05:00
Sargon showed me that debate. I love kagan now, craig was lost at what to even say in the face of another philosophical master lol,
Mikal says2013-09-13T17:53:48.6053459-05:00
Sargon showed me that debate. I love kagan now, craig was lost at what to even say in the face of another philosophical master lol,
2-D says2013-10-04T01:05:10.0742808-05:00
Yes, ok I'm making a note to learn more about Kagan's perspective.
Guyon says2015-01-12T23:24:54.9352226-06:00
Sam Harris, all the way!

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