Out of these three 80s bands, which one do you like best?

Posted by: MidnightBlve

Out of these three bands, the Scorpions, are my favourite.

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Guns N' Roses

17 votes

Bon Jovi

11 votes
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benhos says2016-12-02T03:06:36.4884673Z
There's no way I can choose.
EmmettJohnson1222 says2017-01-31T20:04:01.8921830Z
Guns n roses were the best and baddest band in the world no one messes with GNR
manofoccasionalthought says2017-03-24T19:34:28.7047732Z
The Scorpions. They have had a good consistent career. I like Guns and Roses but they only have one truly great album and a few good ones. The Scorpions have a ton of really good albums. I choose the Scorpions for consistency.
Anonymous says2017-07-10T22:26:37.3474453Z
November Rain is one of the great rock masterpieces. Plus Axl Rose was once smokin.

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