• Over-ear headphones

  • Earbuds

54% 27 votes
46% 23 votes
  • it looks more awesome, also ear buds hurts my ears, you shove it inside that ear.

    Posted by: yay842
  • Better noise isolation, won't make me seven times more likely to get an ear infection, and I don't have to worry about finding a pair that fit in my ears.

    Posted by: vortux
  • My skulcandy uprocks have served me for ages, with loud music and everything and my earbuds, which were £19 lasted 3 months...

  • More natural sound in my opinion

  • As long as they're not Beats, then yes, over-ear headphones win. Earbuds will ruin your hearing over time.

  • earbuds heart my ears so i will go for headphones

  • i love my JBL headphones they have great sound there Bluetooth and there comfortable with a cord as well

  • Easier to store, take up less space

  • Don't mess up your hair, plus the head-phones give me a headache!!!

    Posted by: leojm
  • Mostly since i am a student i have to keep my headphones hidden i prefer buds. Otherwise i would go with over the ear.

    Posted by: Kemper
  • Many people are so inconsiderate in how loud they talk. Headband 'phones are only good in quiet, private places. Noisy public places require earbuds. If they hurt your ears, it's worth tolerating if you really wanna hear your music/podcasts/etc.

  • headphones make my ears hot and uncomfortable, earbuds all the way... specially since i like jogging and working out. earbuds don't get all sweaty and like a said, super hot ears.

    Posted by: inry
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HiJackedGaming says2013-09-09T22:38:07.2699234-05:00
Earbuds hurt ur ears
leojm says2013-09-09T23:31:08.2370625-05:00
I was thinking the same thing. How?
IwinDebates says2013-10-21T20:58:57.2501616-05:00
I like over the head head phones but there to bulky but yeah earbuds do hurt your ears
yay842 says2013-10-21T21:10:35.5861592-05:00
To leojm(and anyone): earbuds go deeper into your ears also earbuds are sharable (1 for pro)

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