• Overwatch

  • PUBG

61% 22 votes
39% 14 votes

  • Overwatch is a lot more polished in terms of graphics and has so many different hero classes to play. It provides a much wider range in terms of gameplay options and players can play longer without getting tired of the same mechanics again and again. PUBG has the problem of hackers, And it takes a while for reports to go through, If at all. Overwatch seems to take hacking and exploits more seriously, And patches are quickly made and bans are put into place. Overwatch and PUBG also give players the opportunity to communicate with a team. Overwatch is inherently a team game, And the vast majority of the games played are with a team. PUBG can be both team and singleplayer, But from what I've observed, Players on Overwatch tend to communicate a lot more than on PUBG. Overwatch promotes teamwork a lot more than PUBG, And can actually benefit players by allowing them to experience leading or being part of a team.

  • I love both, But Widowmaker has nice "ASSets. "

    Posted by: oalks
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Qmac says2019-03-05T10:43:59.8939277Z
PUBG anyday
XCPIN says2019-03-05T17:35:41.9867829Z
Overwatch is as repetitive as real life. You do the same thing over and over again with little to no impact.

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