• Pagani Huayra

  • Bugatti Veyron

52% 33 votes
48% 30 votes
  • Looks cooler imo

  • Would pick the Veyron if it was a super-sport, if you get the normal one it just seems meh. Plus, on the Top Gear Test Track, the Huayra is faster.

  • The Huayra is much more of a drivers car. I say this because it has less horsepower, but the way the car puts it down is what matters.

    Posted by: JacobP
  • this is the best car even better than any of your cars

  • its the fastest street legal car

  • its street legal and even though it may not look as good, its still a more frequently used car by rich people. Like me

  • let's be real, it's the freaking king of speed

  • the bugatti was the fastest street legal car but the venom gt holds that record now but i still like the veyron better

    Posted by: 24rex
  • I do not have the coupe, only the convertible, but my friend has coupe. Very nice car, but not fuel efficient.

    Posted by: Aria2
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JakeCoffee says2016-03-14T02:06:30.4200298Z
What about the Abarth 500?

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