Paleo versus vegan

Posted by: Stupidape

Paleo AKA the primal, caveman diet, low-carb. Versus vegan, no meat, eggs, or dairy.

  • Paleo is best

  • Vegan is best

73% 8 votes
27% 3 votes

  • Paleo is best because meat is tasty. Nothing like the smell of a burger. Sorry about accidentally spamming the polls. Kept saying your poll was not saved, so I would try again. This would generate more and more polls. lol.

  • I'm not going to argue this because I like meat, but I'll say that studies show that as long as you know how to eat meat moderatly, the risk are not what the vegans will argue. They generally use numbers and 'evidence' for people who eat meat wrapped in meat with a side of meat. You know, like the three hamburger a meal type guy. Having healthy food with meat once a week or so, maybe ones a day or three times a day is perfectly fine and will not do nearly half the things claimed by the vegans. Also note most tend to use studies from vegan sites and if you use one against them they tend to use the "it's paid by meat industry" as if vegan companies, like anti-gmo and organic companies could not do the same and make profit.

    Posted by: Berend
  • no beef and no pork for me (religious reasons) but steamed fish is amazing, i gained weight on vegan, some peoples bodies dont do well with it and mine didnt

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Berend says2015-10-29T08:20:09.5389519Z
I will argue as the devils lawyer and say that if everyone was vegan, it would help the environment, because cow farts and there are only so many cows because we breed them to eat them and drink their milk and other crap. So it has green pluses.

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