• Rand Paul (R)

  • Hillary Clinton (D)

83% 19 votes
17% 4 votes
  • I support him, because he is really the only republican who is against the Patriot Act.

  • No doubt.

  • Rand Paul's campaign is riding on his belief in a free America. Hillary Clinton's campaign is riding on her ability to become the first woman president.

  • Rand Paul seems like a decent guy, he's pretty honest and straightforward. He's probably the only Republican I could see myself actually supporting instead of just thinking about the "lesser of two evils".

  • “I never, ever cheated. I don’t condone cheating. But I would sometimes spread misinformation. This is a great tactic. Misinformation can be very important.” - Rand Paul He equated health care rights with slavery, he found it un-American to criticize BP after the oil spill, He's against raising the minimum wage (because it will hurt minorities and children!), He blames Hillary for ISIS and he doesn't think he should be held accountable for what he's said.

  • It is about time the US will elect a lady. The other candidate looks likethe bosses i had at work. I am not sure I would trust him....

    Posted by: Ezk
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benhos says2015-06-01T09:44:16.8723831-05:00
Hard choice...
tajshar2k says2015-06-06T10:20:42.3499744-05:00
I'm traditionally democrat, but Hillary is just a really bad choice. Almost as bad as Bush.

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