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68% 49 votes
32% 23 votes
  • Undeniably the better of the two.

  • 1. They are much more powerful than consoles. 2. In the long run, they are actually cheaper because you do not need to play multiplayer subscriptions and the games are cheaper. 3. There are more exclusives. 4. Gaming PCs can be relatively cheap but powerful. Here's a build for $350: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/PV3Mt6

    Posted by: gabep
  • Will never buy another console again (last one I bought was Ps2). Consoles are for the more casual or the young (who can't afford their own PC).

  • Pay no attention to those Console Peasants, brethren. We members of the Master Race should keep to our own kind.

  • https://scontent-dfw1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xta1/v/t1.0-9/11402936_860344390708970_5208765196684870483_n.png?oh=12cb87d45c8a8f352f4769029d70f7c6&oe=5627F442

  • GTX GPU's have kept me gaming on the PC, I like having all the bells and whistles turned up high. If in the future a console or TV has a processor powerful enough to match it I might think again, although another reason is I've played with a mouse and keyboard for 20+ years and just can't be bothered with the pads.

  • Filthy console peasants.

  • People's republic of China. Therefore, Communist Party of China

  • It is superior technically. It has more genres. It has more uses. It has more Guns.

  • Although games on PC normally are more glitchy, they are eventually fixed. Plus, the consoles are always behind and never up-to-date with popular games.

  • Step one: make some money. Step two: buy a gaming PC however you like. Step 3: profit

  • https://www.reddit.com/r/pcmasterrace/wiki/guide 'Nuff said

  • Steam is free. You can get free and way cheaper games on PC with better graphics and FPS. You already have a PC if you are writing this. PC wins all the way.

  • Better graphics, better patch support, better online community, free online, mods, better controls, dedicated servers, higher skill ceiling, backwards compatability, upgradeable hardware, strategy, mmo, rpg, mmorpg genres of games. indie games, compatability with any controler, can emulate consoles, more players per server, cheaper games, better framerate, and more mature playerbase

  • Xbox rocks

  • Because PC's that can run the games I want to play are far more expensive than they need to be. Yes PC's graphics are amazing, they run amazing, and have access to many more games, but it can get way too expensive for one.

    Posted by: Hidd3n
  • PC is undeniably more powerful, but the thing is..... I don't really care. Since it has practically all the games on playstation and Xbox, then maybe PC is better (although I prefer the controls on Xbox) However, I think that Nintendo consoles, since they have the titles that don't make it to PC...... I mean, if Nintendo decided to join the PC world (terrible business decision, but this is a hypothetical) PC is the better one- but so long as Nintendo stays away from releasing it's games on PC, which is likely to be forever, consoles are better- since they technically have the same games as on PC, and also the Nintendo exclusives. PC = more power. Nintendo = games that just about make the PC games not good enough. To be honest, I don't really care about a slightly higher FPS, or a bunch of extra polygons- I care about the fact PC doesn't have a couple of really good exclusives, which consoles (Especially Nintendo ones) do.

  • Which is better? Obviously P.C, but I feel more comfortable playing on console, and its usually more relaxing. But, thats because I play COD and sport games, which aren't really meant for keyboards.

  • PC's are too expensive as are their games. Rich people get PCs.

  • You can never be a PC gamer cuz that would mean missing the best games which are the exclusive ones on Xbox and PlayStation.

  • heeeey guy above me you didn't say wii u. D:<

  • Uggg muttl200 I didn't want to know fallout 4 is limited to 30 fps :( I hope the game is awesome. Granted, I hooked my consoles to my tv with a HMDI cable :p I picked this one because updating computers every other year is really, really freaken expensive.

    Posted by: Sarra
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UtherPenguin says2015-09-11T22:07:48.0819870Z
I was going to think of a really cool pun but I just forgot it :(
triangle.128k says2015-09-11T22:10:48.5136008Z
@UtherPenguin The short term memory loss Israel.
gabep says2015-09-11T22:42:00.9667933Z
Glorious PC gaming master race!
Donderpants says2015-09-12T09:22:37.8054462Z
PC is more powerful. That much is certain, no one can deny that technologically the consoles are put to shame by PC. I'd pick PC, since it also has a couple decent exclusives (mostly on Steam) except that Nintendo doesn't put it's games on PC. And at the moment, the third party games combined with a small number of decent exclusives does not outweigh Nintendo for me. I wouldn't even think about Xbox vs PC or PS4 vs PC- PC would win both for sure. But Nintendo.... I couldn't give up on their great exclusives. They just seem so original, or so well designed, or both. And to be honest, I don't care at all about a very slight improvement in graphics (you can't really improve drastically on what exists even on console.) So PC's graphical margin means little to me- and PC's exclusives are (in my opinion) not enough to beat Nintendo. They beat Sony's. They beat Microsoft's. But not NIntendo's.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-09-14T14:06:55.4691745Z
@tajshar2k I use a 360 controller with my PC all the time. I dont think controller types can even be an argument for the console side. You have the choice to use virtually any console controller (ive even seen people program the old nintendo rectangle ones for PC).
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-09-14T14:07:18.0741541Z
@tajshar2k I use a 360 controller with my PC all the time. I dont think controller types can even be an argument for the console side. You have the choice to use virtually any console controller (ive even seen people program the old nintendo rectangle ones for PC).
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-09-14T14:17:42.7765717Z
@Hidd3n You should really look at what the components are in your xbox 360 first then come back. Every component in ther is available to put into a PC of your own build for considerably less money than you paid for the 360 package. That Xbox logo markup is pretty substantial when you actually look at the components involved. You can format any hard drive to work in it with the right software (instead of buying their outrageously overpriced hard drive modules that pop in the bottom). Processor isnt anything special. The disk drive is less than $20 brand new, and would come with more capabilities than youd even be able to use it for on the console anyways by default (they dont even make them as basic as the console ones anymore mostly). If I used Gamestop refurb controllers i could make an entire xbox 360 for about $100, and itd have more HDD space even. I could make a PC with substantially better capabilities than the market price for xbox too (which appears to be $180 at the moment).
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-09-14T14:19:24.4131777Z
Oh and also i wouldnt have to pay a second fee just to play online with people either.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-09-14T14:19:46.5033441Z
Oh and also i wouldnt have to pay a second fee just to play online with people either.
tajshar2k says2015-09-16T01:47:39.1126597Z
@FBE Well, that's a good point. IDK, i think its just a comfort feeling. I just like sitting in front of a t.V and playing. Rather than playing on a computer screen. I guess you can say I can hook up my pc to the t.V, but thats a bit impractical. Another big thing, is my friends are mostly into console gaming, so I rather play with them, than play alone. Another thing is I need to invest into a $800 PC for me to play AAA games at decent FPS, and high resolution. I can get pretty decent FPS on consoles, and it's pretty cheap. I can't really game on my old 300 dollar laptop, because intel hd graphics suck ass. I can only play games from the early 2000's at good FPS.
gabep says2015-09-16T01:55:05.3777995Z
@tajshar - you can build a HTPC and hook it up to a TV, and the best part is, controllers are cheaper on the PC. Also, you don't need an $800 PC for 1080p gaming. Gaming PCs can be pretty cheap, and in some cases, even cheaper than consoles. Go to my link in my vote.
Donderpants says2015-09-16T07:00:55.5767751Z
Am I the only person who doesn't really care about fps and resolution (within reason)? It seems like everyone on the console side only complains about the PC's price point (which is just ludicrous. Both PS4 and Xbox One are the price of decent PC's, at least in NZ, but lower quality.) It should just be a matter of whether you find the games more fun. If you like PC games most (Can't blame you, PC games are pretty solid in gameplay) then PC is best. If like me, you have found more joy in certain console exclusives, then vote that. It's that simple- neither is more expensive, the tiny difference in framerate really isn't that important, it's all about whether the games are more fun.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-09-16T14:58:45.6682009Z
There are very very few games that I dont have the capability of putting on my PC ... And its likely from lack of trying or caring. The only bonus to consoles that i can think of is the co-op party fun factor. Having multiple people there in the room with you all playing together is something most PC games are not bred for ... I do miss that. There are ways around that too though ... But theyre so nerdy I'm scared to mention their names.
gabep says2015-09-16T23:42:54.5806244Z
LAN party?
gabep says2015-09-17T01:16:32.5042365Z
@Dalethejr - 1) See the link in my vote for a console-priced gaming PC. 2) 1 word: Steam. PC games are much cheaper at any time, and can get to crazy low prices during Steam Sales. 3) At least we don't have to pay a subscription just to play online... Your claims have no basis and clearly you have not researched this topic well enough.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-09-17T14:00:53.3707358Z
Yeah ... But back when we did them it involved packing up your whole desktop PC and driving it over to a friends house. Laptops make things so much easier. And given the nature of tablets now ... I think you can even bundle those in on the PC side vs. Console. People doing mobile gaming do it largely on phones and tablets over a nintendo DS.
gabep says2015-09-17T23:41:18.1886438Z
@shervin - that argument can go both ways. For example, Arma 3, one of the best shooters, is not available for console.
shervin says2015-09-17T23:44:09.1501397Z
@gabep are you seriously gonna compare that Arma game with Halo or God of War? Or Gears of War? Or Uncharted? Dude, I had never heard of Arma thing until you just said so. PC exclusives are crappy and extinct.
gabep says2015-09-18T04:45:36.7640852Z
Arma is known as one of the best shooters, and is extremely realistic. Rather than crappy unrealistic gunplay, in Arma, the player must account for bullet drop and things like that. The aforementioned console games can not even compare to Arma 3. The only reason that you have not heard of PC exclusives is because you have been stuck in your console peasantry cave.
Donderpants says2015-09-18T09:46:01.8568496Z
@Sarra The thing is, our eyes really can't notice any difference between 30 fps and 60 fps. So having it set to 60 fps is just unnecessarily wearing down the processor. I really don't see why they have it at 60 fps at all- bragging rights? Lag less likely to be noticable? Because I'd prefer that the processing power go towards adding content, and if it's going towards graphics, I'd prefer something that actually looks different (more polygons for example) to a difference in fps that is completely undetectable to our eyes.
Donderpants says2015-09-18T09:46:29.0169719Z
@Sarra The thing is, our eyes really can't notice any difference between 30 fps and 60 fps. So having it set to 60 fps is just unnecessarily wearing down the processor. I really don't see why they have it at 60 fps at all- bragging rights? Lag less likely to be noticeable? Because I'd prefer that the processing power go towards adding content, and if it's going towards graphics, I'd prefer something that actually looks different (more polygons for example) to a difference in fps that is completely undetectable to our eyes.
gabep says2015-09-19T14:38:51.9473659Z
@Donderpants - you see, console hardware is just holding back gaming. Since devs make games that have to be compatible with both PC and consoles, the PC version suffers because consoles simply can't render many polygons at a decent framerate. To be fair, crappy office-grade and consumer-grade PCs from big box manufacturers are also doing the same thing.
Donderpants says2015-09-22T10:53:39.4237143Z
True that. When playing a PC game though, I'd rather that the ability to add many more polygons be used, instead of improving fps. I can see the difference with more polygons. In any case, PC completely smashes other consoles for third party games. First party, it depends on what you like- For me, Nintendo's first party is best. But in third party, PC is king.
Donderpants says2015-09-27T19:53:14.8313102Z
@Calvaughan27 Agreed, except for the gun part- that's a downside to me. Both PC and consoles are coated in gun games, so people like me who find gun games almost universally boring are out of luck.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-11-25T02:56:32.4736106Z
Oh but you cant hit on the office grade PC's. Theyre being built for a specific purpose. I had never even seen a computer with 32G of ram in it until I started working at a lab that needed computers that could crunch data faster. Before that I had got along just fine with middle of the road 2G or whatever. I currently have 4 in my home PC and it hasn't been an issue. I don't think theyre at all limiting things ... They build to suit whatever demand is. Intel's chips have way surpassed the demand. I think if anything price is whats holding things back. People don't want to pay for games that are over 100 unless they are completely in love with the series. People generally aren't dropping 2500 on a top of the line rig either when an 800 to 1000 one does everything they could want. The techs there ... They just need to make it more affordable is all.
gabep says2015-11-25T06:13:39.3881854Z
No, 8GB of RAM is pretty much the minimum standard for gaming these days. About the graphics quality: if you look at Intel integrated graphics they are much worse than even laptop GPUs or entry-level gaming GPUs, such as the 750 Ti. http://laptoping.com/gpus/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Intel-HD-5500-Graphics-Benchmark-3D-Mark-11.png
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-11-25T16:18:07.9917508Z
I didnt mean graphics wise in particular. Im in the semiconductor industry and was referring more to how they are well in line with moores law while the actual customer/software side of things is the part thats lagging. The developments in semiconductor are well past what people even want to buy ... Because of price. Whats strange too is that with that whole resurgence of mobile games ... I think its proven that people dont really care about progressing the computing power all that much. Theyre more concerned with convenience and such. Theyll play a stupid color matching game like candy crush for hours if thats whats on the market. People arent really pushing the demand on these OEMs like they could. And if they did these guys are totally able to follow up with more powerful products ... The tech is there. I think if you just look at the progression of the iPhone even, youll see it hasnt had to make many advancements to shatter sales records with every single release. They could make that thing more powerful than your average laptop if they wanted ... But they dont need to. Reference how MS Surface sales lag Apples, even though they have a far superior product out in both tablets and in laptops.
tomcena16 says2017-05-30T14:07:21.7013502Z
The first thing i'm going to talk about is performance. Well first you can go out and buy a ps4 or xbox one for about 300 dollars well you can buy a pc for 3oo dollars that can outperform a console not to mention you can slowly upgrade it over time so instead of buying a completely new console you can just spend usually around 10-100 dollars on a component to up your performance which by the way if you aren't familiar with consoles it is not possible with one. The second thing that i'm going to talk about is the games. Now on console there is a wide variety of games but not nearly as much on pc. On xbox you can find 1176 games but on pc there are 15624 games on steam itself which is one of the hundreds of places you can get games from and plus about 40% of the games are free and there are few free games on console which also need a membership that i mentioned at the start. And there are an estimated 10 000 indie game developers worldwide. Also on console there are no mods at all while on pc there are hundreds of thousands of mods that available for 90% of the time completely free. Plus for pc if you go to the right websites you can download games that are in the 1 - 10 dollar range for completely free anything outside of that would be harder to find but still possible. The third thing i'm going to talk about is controllers. Now on console you have two thumbstick to aim navigate for whatever in your games. The problem with this is that it only goes at one speed and that can make it very difficult to do things. With a mouse on the other hand you can move at literally any speed. This can make it much easier to navigate. Another thing would be that on console you only use four of your fingers: your thumbs, your index fingers and the rest of them hold the controller. You might say just move your fingers but in a game like call of duty, counterstrike you have to do things very quickly and this not easy because they are very fast games and on pc you don't have to hold anything because the mouse and keyboard rest on the table. One last thing is if you don't care about this it possible and actually very easy to connect your controller to your pc.

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