• PC

  • Macintosh

89% 25 votes
11% 3 votes
  • I'm not saying that the Macintonsh format is of higher or lower quality, but I'm simply not used to it and I find it crazy hard to use. A long-time Macintosh user might say the opposite, but for me Microsoft Windows is easy.

  • Macs (or more broadly, Apple products) are for 'cultists' and the computer-illiterate. I like having complex options and being able to dive into the guts of s/w, as well as easily replacing/upgrading the h/w. Plus, for basic computing, Apple prices are ridiculously over inflated just because of a brand name. Never seen so many folks take it up the *** in cost/gimmicks and walk around being so snide about owning a Mac. Kudos to Apple...impressive brainwashing :0)

  • PC offers more variety, are more functional even for gaming, is more affordable, and has more software. Mac overall seems like a waste of money, and you're just paying for the brand and its fancy design.

  • Mac is too expensive for what it is. It's not a bad computer, but Windows computer's can offer the same or even better quality for a lower price. You end up paying too much for the Apple logo.....

  • From the view of a gamer, Windows is obviously superior. Windows has a far wider range of video games then the Mac.

  • pcs because macs get viruses, pricey, and not suitable for gaming

  • Because MAC's were designed for creative productivity Because I'm sick of the BSOD Because I'm sick of MS spyware OS Because I'm a tech that fixes Desktop machines Because they are ALL Personal Computers (Windows Base or MAC Based) - DUMBASSES!

  • macs have a more stable operating system

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TheBilbo1 says2016-08-22T20:06:41.6161351Z
No bias intended by the picture of the poll.
TheBilbo1 says2016-08-22T20:07:27.6378048Z
No bias intended by the picture of the poll.
triangle.128k says2016-08-25T06:09:27.9518600Z
The picture was true historically, because the internal of mac desktops was always cleaner and more organized than the internal of PC desktops. Still kind of is true to this day...

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