People shouldn't lie about there age on DDO

Posted by: FIZBO

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It's fine if they don't wanna say they don't have to.

Giiiiirrrrrlllllll they can do what ever they want mmmmmhmmmm
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All the way. It's soooo annoying when people lie about how old they are

You want to know the age of the person who your debating or reading a opinion of.
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FIZBO says2014-07-18T18:38:56.1113520-05:00
But no one puts there social security # on DDO and you don't see full names Offen either
mishapqueen says2014-07-18T18:39:27.5596431-05:00
Still, it is a privacy concern that we should respect.
FIZBO says2014-07-18T18:40:58.3966962-05:00
What about DDO privacy? Don't they have something in there privacy abut age? I'm srsly asking idk if they do or not
FIZBO says2014-07-18T18:41:27.3341397-05:00
I'll look it up too
mishapqueen says2014-07-18T18:43:17.2447737-05:00
Yes you can. But saying they can't put a fictitious name is impinging on their freedom of speech. ;)
LogicalLunatic says2014-07-18T18:52:06.8905590-05:00
Well, a member should have the right not to be looked down upon because of his or her age.
FIZBO says2014-07-18T18:55:02.3924685-05:00
^^ exactly. That's basically why people lie about age in the first place, privacy isn't a major concern for most of them
mishapqueen says2014-07-18T18:58:38.0595948-05:00
Well privacy is my reason. My age on here is 5 months off.
LogicalLunatic says2014-07-18T19:02:28.1101053-05:00
BTW, hi Izbo.
FIZBO says2014-07-18T19:07:21.9710240-05:00
FIZBO says2014-07-18T19:09:12.3450789-05:00
*gasps* dangit now I can impersonate you! I'm just teasing...You made a good point.
mishapqueen says2014-07-18T19:12:29.0928894-05:00
CordialCongressman says2014-07-18T19:43:24.0573323-05:00
People shouldn't be judged based in their age in DDO. At the same time, however, people shouldn't lie about it. All that should matter is the quality of a member's arguments.
Oromagi says2014-07-18T20:01:38.9061752-05:00
Why would anyone ever give a damn? If you're not assuming that everybody on the internet is lying about everything, then you're doing it wrong
FIZBO says2014-07-18T20:10:06.2903324-05:00
Friend from across the river, They "give a damn" for the same reason you cared enough to comment xD

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