People who hate reading books/novels (of any kind) and never read any should not be judged for it, because it's their life and their business

Posted by: weird_one

I mean people period. NOT just people with reading disabilities. (for whom it may be harder to read)

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YamaVonKarma says2015-02-05T15:49:00.4562818-06:00
Keep in mind that I'm not calling the question asker dumb. I'm calling the premise of the question dumb.
weird_one says2015-02-05T17:27:52.8971450-06:00
OP: I don't mean in school, I mean after they've finished school/college.
weird_one says2015-02-05T17:37:02.8645685-06:00
@themightyindividual wow you're so kind
weird_one says2015-02-05T18:31:09.0868715-06:00
@Madtomflint Hmm.... Yes you do have that right. I'd just have an issue if someone tried to force their opinion me or insulted me for not liking to read..... But you don't sound like someone who would do that.
YamaVonKarma says2015-02-05T18:33:07.5673102-06:00
@weird_one, my answer still stands. If I order someone to read a manual on something and they give me lip or don't do it, I will dismiss them. You can't pick and choose what you do and deserve to be judged for things like this.
Madtomflint says2015-02-05T18:33:10.2047779-06:00
@weird_one No, I'm not that kind of person. In fact, for a long time I disliked reading. But I've learned that there really is a lot of amazing knowledge in great literature.
weird_one says2015-02-05T18:48:00.7096191-06:00
@YamaVonKarma: Yes, I would read something if I had to, I meant reading for pleasure. Sorry, I forgot to include that.
Madtomflint says2015-02-05T18:58:51.5274718-06:00
@weird_one Do you dislike audio books, as well? Or is it just the act of sitting still and reading that bothers you?

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