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Harry Potter

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Percy Jackson

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Mikra says2014-02-02T02:32:35.5193854-06:00
I can't decide.... Argh!
shanee4449 says2014-02-14T12:08:21.5343612-06:00
Its really hard to choose but harry has no mystery kinda but percy is AWSOME AND COOL becuase they have myth gods THAT ARE AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TheDetectiveHasTheImpala says2014-07-12T06:58:55.3897396-05:00
Book=Percy & Movie=Harry
Mrs.Valdez says2014-10-27T17:12:39.3159089-05:00
Percy wins cause he's so sassy
ArtemisFowlJr says2014-12-26T02:31:37.4160495-06:00
I would say Harry Potter is by far a better series as there is a lot to be learnt from it. In fact, scientists have proven that children who read Harry Potter are more subject to better concepts. It teaches them to respect stigmatised groups. Do not get me wrong, Percy Jackson has a very good storyline just like Harry Potter but I would say that the writing style is vague and conversational. Harry Potter teaches us to fight for the best things in life and if you examine the series there are a vast array of quotes that will definitely improve or life if followed.
HermoineGranger says2015-01-22T11:00:01.9047834-06:00
ABCD.E says2016-03-09T04:08:08.3839251Z
PERCY!! DEFINITELY!! HE. IS. THE. BEST. No discussion needed here....
Fansicle says2018-12-05T13:26:51.9277979Z
GUYS, ONE WORD: PERSASSY! Also, The incredible plot, The mystery, The SASS, ALL the humor, Percy is so much more relatable to for many teens, And the rep is amazing!

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