Personality - Is it Legit???

Posted by: Matt_Asphaug

Is "personality" an accurate reflection of how easily our behaviors can be categorized (is it real)?

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Don't think so. "Personality" depends too much on the environment, varying from situation to situation. It is a misleading concept.

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Of course! Everyone behaves consistently enough that we can categorize their behavior into a "personality type!"

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madness says2014-06-03T08:27:15.7950376-05:00
Personality is a result of nurture. How you were brought up ect. This has been proven from experiments done on cloned dogs.
missrepresented says2014-06-04T00:02:47.1608188-05:00
Madness your whole sentence is full of non truths. Nurture VS Nature. Part of your personality is inherited and yes part is environmental or nurture, how ever, this theory was never proven on experiments on dogs or cloned dogs. Does Pavlov ring a bell? Well, then wrong experiment, that is classical conditioning. The Stanford Prison experiment is foremost and foundation experiment on personality done by Phillip Zimbardo in 1971 and it has stood the test of time because Zimbardo testified at Abu Ghraib about why the guard behaved the way they did. But this is just one example. I could send you some of my peer reviewed articles since I am a personality disorder specialist and published twice in the States.
ringpassnot says2014-06-11T19:06:11.2538117-05:00
Personality is genetic
Formerland1 says2014-06-15T22:40:17.6005463-05:00
Based on someone's MBTI score I can determine almost everything about them

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