• Pewdiepie

  • Tseries

89% 94 votes
11% 12 votes
  • Pewdiepie is loved by many and is the staple of YouTube culture. The opposition may claim that T-series' increasing populating home country proves that one community can do a whole lot of good and that Pewdiepie followers are immature by posting comments such as "T-gay" and "T-suck. " Yet if we look at the numbers, Pewdiepie's most recent video as of 2/7/2019 titled "We broke another WORLD RECORD" currently has ~6, 700, 000 views while T-series' most recent video currently has only ~12, 000 views. This shows that more of Pewdiepie's subscribers are checking in with his channel and watching his videos. In conclusion, This shows that Pewdiepie and his subscribers are objectively better than T-series and their subscribers.

  • Sorry but i'd rather not have a faceless company being the king of youtube

  • becuase

  • A real creator. Not a company.

  • Even if you hate pewds, Think about this. Do we let a corporation take over the platform built for independents? If you think they should then you have lost sight of what makes youtube valuable.


  • yes he better

  • tseries is uneducational and boring

  • Subscribe to PewDiePie even though he played Fortnite

  • I choose Pewdiepie, Because he has made a huge mark in the Youtube industry. With loads of subscribers, I think he should still be the king of Youtube still because he has made a lot of people laugh including me.

  • He really started from the bottom and made his way to the top, He is an excellent content creator and thus has reached the top rungs of his respective ladder - T-Series, On the other hand, Is a large corporation which artificially inflates it's viewership and has had no input on the creation of YouTube as a platform.

  • I accidently pressed T SERIES.

    Posted by: Club
  • B*tchLasagna

  • whomst the hecc picked t series?

  • just do it

  • Tseris sucks peen

  • Tseries uses sub bots, Sells pirated music, COPYRIGHTS. WHAT BAD THINGS HAS TSERIES NOT DONE?

    Posted by: 80L
  • Pewdiepie is the king!

  • bech lasagna

  • i mean, Why not

  • He is the best T Series can suck my d*ck

  • pewwdipiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeee

  • ya

  • PewDiePie is stupid, His content is immature, His entire case against T-Series is "You India You Lose. " Think hard about this. PewDiePie has done nothing - NOTHING - to deserve 80 million subscribers. Has he cured diseases? Built a school for underprivileged kids? No. He just screams "TWITCH THOTS" and then complains about backlash, As if anyone with a brain gives a shit about him in the first place. 9yo fanboys need to stop wishing that India stays a poor country without internet access just so that their useless "creator" gets more subscribers. These social media platforms need to be more about worthwhile things, And PewDiePie ain't one of them

  • Tseries is just my ALL-TIME FavE utubr. Poodiepee is someone I don't loikee. . . . . . . . . . . .

  • pew die pie is racist. I am not talking about his wished for jews to burn in hell or his hate for "niggers". YES, He used the word nigger. I am talking about his blatant racism against Indians

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ButtChungus says2019-02-07T15:11:27.9254510Z
ButtChungus says2019-02-07T15:21:35.7326510Z
aobacharm says2019-02-07T18:31:17.4026909Z
lamboporche2208 says2019-02-07T19:38:24.8249127Z
anc2006 says2019-02-14T02:53:01.0710140Z
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Dirty_Harry says2019-04-06T21:52:27.1390502Z
PewDiePie is garbage af. It mostly white people that subscribed to him, Or autistic 12 year olds.
MrPanda490812 says2019-04-25T21:37:09.1036648Z
It's creator vs corrupt business. LOL
kuhu says2019-08-24T07:52:13.0751613Z
Is everyone missing the point that T-Series reached 100 million subscribers before pewdiepie. Because tseries is way better

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