Pinewood Builders Vs. Innovation Inc.

Which Roblox Group Is Better

  • Pinewood Builders

  • Innovation Inc.

40% 14 votes
60% 21 votes
  • Pinewood was there from the start; Innovation is a fucking Pinewood CLONE! FAKE!

  • I just tried innovation Inc. , It kind of feels like mining madness vs miner's haven. Innovation Inc. is newer and looks newer. Pinewood is older and looks older. Innovation Inc. has more visits. Pinewood has less, which also means there is less people playing it at one time, so less commotion. I have been playing Pinewood for longer, but when I played it today, I just felt a weird mush between Nostalgia, Déjà vu, Eagerness, Curiosity and Confusion. I also found that feeling when someone shouts "APPLE!" or is holding an iPhone and you just want to shout Samsungish comments at them. Overall... Pinewood.

  • Pinewood Builders existed EARLIER you noobies. It was created in 2008 and overall, It is BETTER. It's easier to find your way around, And it's just plain fun to crash a Nuke train into a wall, Wheras Innovation doesn't even allow train driving.

  • I think that pinewood builders is a overall better game. More development is put into it and innovation inc has only 1 modern game. If you play any other game it is like it was the first game on Roblox. Only 1 is updated. Pinewood is overall better.

  • Honestly, I like both games since i love science and history games, But, I picked Pinewood over Innovation for a reason, The devs are actually working on the game and its a vast and advanced game. If you can go back to the past, It actually looks really old and garbage. But now, It just feels like you're in 2077. The devs made a great job on the game and thats why i love pinewood. I like the Pinewood computer core for 4 reasons, 1st, Is that you get credits by playing and doing meltdowns, And freezedowns. Second, You can use credits to buy stuff on the store. You don't lose credits. Surprisingly. 3rd, They have disasters you can survive. Last, Its big. And theres a lot of interactive things you can interact with to change the facility, Or even destroy it. You have the choice wether to destroy it, Or to keep it normal. Don't forget that there are also cons. First, When you join a server, Theres a chance you can join a server that has a meltdown or freezedown occuring. It lessens the time for you to evacuate and you have no choice but to die. Second, Griefers. When you have successfully evacuate, Theres some stupid kids that will grab a gun and kill the hell out of you. Its really annoying than you think it is. Lastly, TRAINS JESUS CHRIST. Theres so many kids in the server who drives trains and crashes it. Thats why you can always hear explosions. Thats because of the nuke trains. It can go inside the rooms. So, Be careful. Alright, I want to end this by explaining why i prefer Pinewood over Innovation, Its really big and you have more to explore abd more to wait. I love the developers of the game. Thanks Diddleshot. (i like innovation too. But pinewood is THE BEST. )

  • Pinewood has been made by fewer builders than innovation. Innovation has different typeds of builders and Innovation is not as epic as Pinewood. Pinewood has meltdown way fore frequent which makes it more challenging to do your work, Which is a very good addition to the game. Innovation has only a good side's group while pinewood has a bad side.

  • So I just made a random account so I could vote. I am part of both groups, But overall I am pretty sure, That although it is hard to decide one over the other, I would choose Innovation Inc.

  • Innovation Inc. Is better than PineWood Because PineWood Has Basic building and Innovation Inc. Has a better experience with the game and better look at the new game. Also, The group members in Innovation Inc. Has more members than PineWood.

  • First, Innovation has very cool maps, Automatic door opening, Nice Scripting, Not many abusive securities, Has many views, But Pinewood has, Bad texture, Bad training, Very abusive securites. I vote for innovation inc.

  • Innovation Inc. Is better than Pinewood

    Posted by: drims
  • I picked Innovation Inc. Because Diddleshot was in the Innovation Inc. Lab accident and he made a company to destroy Innovation Inc.

  • Even though Innovation Inc came out after than Pinewood, I still prefer Innovation cause it looks better and it is easier to move around

  • The first sci-fi group i joined and trying to work on a new innovation project

  • innovation!

    Posted by: auturz
  • I have played on both labs for many years, But I believe Innovation is better because players have less control over, Say, The train and have no access to weapons that can kill others or make annoying sounds. This leads to less annoying people playing on Innovation games and mostly having people there to have a fun time and not to ruin other people's fun.

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CrispyMeow3000 says2018-03-27T23:41:43.4382086Z
Urani235 is an ass that doesn't understand the idea of ALL AGES having FUN!!
Sensitive_daniel says2019-11-21T21:59:52.1761041Z
Come on A clone within a mature language. Please say any mature languages
Pinewood says2020-09-03T19:15:08.8892018Z
I just think Innovation is just plain old and Pinewood on the other hand looks newer and they put in every small detail and every single tiny graphics. PINEWOOD IS OVER THE LIMIT! I LUV IT!
Wirky10 says2021-09-10T19:10:52.8138530Z
I like both
Wirky10 says2021-09-10T19:11:07.0878530Z
I like both of them
Tttttoooooo says2022-01-19T12:45:13.3168581Z
Why the can't work together if they will work together we have an incredible team
Tttttoooooo says2022-01-19T12:45:47.1532581Z
Why they don't work together together we have an incredible builders team
Tttttoooooo says2022-01-19T12:46:01.3336581Z
Why they don't work together together we have an incredible builders team

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