Pinewood Builders Vs. Innovation Inc.

Which Roblox Group Is Better

  • Pinewood Builders

  • Innovation Inc.

40% 4 votes
60% 6 votes
  • Pinewood was there from the start; Innovation is a fucking Pinewood CLONE! FAKE!

  • I just tried innovation Inc. , It kind of feels like mining madness vs miner's haven. Innovation Inc. is newer and looks newer. Pinewood is older and looks older. Innovation Inc. has more visits. Pinewood has less, which also means there is less people playing it at one time, so less commotion. I have been playing Pinewood for longer, but when I played it today, I just felt a weird mush between Nostalgia, Déjà vu, Eagerness, Curiosity and Confusion. I also found that feeling when someone shouts "APPLE!" or is holding an iPhone and you just want to shout Samsungish comments at them. Overall... Pinewood.

  • So I just made a random account so I could vote. I am part of both groups, But overall I am pretty sure, That although it is hard to decide one over the other, I would choose Innovation Inc.

  • Innovation Inc. Is better than PineWood Because PineWood Has Basic building and Innovation Inc. Has a better experience with the game and better look at the new game. Also, The group members in Innovation Inc. Has more members than PineWood.

  • First, Innovation has very cool maps, Automatic door opening, Nice Scripting, Not many abusive securities, Has many views, But Pinewood has, Bad texture, Bad training, Very abusive securites. I vote for innovation inc.

  • Innovation Inc. Is better than Pinewood

    Posted by: drims
  • I picked Innovation Inc. Because Diddleshot was in the Innovation Inc. Lab accident and he made a company to destroy Innovation Inc.

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CrispyMeow3000 says2018-03-27T23:41:43.4382086Z
Urani235 is an ass that doesn't understand the idea of ALL AGES having FUN!!

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