• Pirates

  • Ninjas

26% 6 votes
74% 17 votes
  • From what I can tell, pirates are quite stupid. They are terrible thieves; they sail around on large, noticeable boats and make it clear when they are attacking. On the other hand, ninjas are great thieves. They are very secretive and quiet; they can do anything like steal your resources without you even noticing. Therefore, ninjas are better and more skilled than pirates.

  • op

  • Because I'm Asian, lol.


  • ninjas can be pirates ilomao

  • They're swifter, faster, more mysterious and deadlier

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kitty_cat_LOL says2018-01-30T13:42:27.2206358Z
I love ninjas i kind want to be one later in life
AMcCormack21 says2019-03-07T16:01:17.4385362Z
I think pirates often go uncredited, Due to their portrayal in popular film. Pirates weren't all that dumb, They began taking advantage of the newly established insurance system to hold ships for ransom, Rather than just steal what they could off the ship.

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