• Playstation

  • Xbox

79% 26 votes
21% 7 votes
  • I will go Xbox and here's why 1. backwards compatibility: This is a big thing in the gaming realm I want to sit down and play my Xbox 360 games so now I can all backwards compatible it is fun I can't do that on Playstation only Ps2 games no one wants to sit down and do that bullshit. 2.Controllers; they are nice I don't have to use a lame dual shock controller because those are bad let's put a touch pad and a light that I have to use randomly wow fun they are utterly useless it doesn't add to the gameplay it actually takes away from it we have the elite controller now I know it is exspensive but you are getting the best out of your gaming FPS games are more used for it but you can use it for any game. 3. Games: we have great exclusives such as Halo,Halo Wars,Quantum Break,Below,Crackdown 3,Gears of War,sea of thieves,ReCore,and Cuphead we came into the console buisness late and became the greatest system of all time besides the Game Cube and the Nintendo systems we are the definitive system Playstation has Infamous and ratchet and clank yeah Xbox is better there.

  • Ur comment doesn't matter.....bossinator1017

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bossinator1017 says2016-05-12T17:53:28.6592965Z
Xbox debate me please

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