Posted by: SamStevens

Should people illegally hunt or catch game? Opine this topic. If desired, provide commentary.

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Midnight1131 says2015-05-27T15:20:48.9597169-05:00
Preston, this poll isn't biased at all. You should read the definition of biased before you say stuff like that. The creator didn't put any influence on the answers. That's like saying polls about whistleblowing are biased, because leaking information is against the law.
SamStevens says2015-05-27T16:25:37.5864814-05:00
Thank you, Midnight1131.
Preston says2015-05-29T08:00:14.3899209-05:00
@midnight1131 There is literally no morally reprehensible way to support poaching, not even a poacher will say poaching is a good thing. This poll has 1 side, and seeing as there is only one side i will choose the alternate simply to support conversation and growth of opinion.
Midnight1131 says2015-05-29T09:23:54.0916387-05:00
A poacher knows the benefits to poaching, you know poachers only choose poaching because that's literally their only method of income right? There's a conversation to be had there.

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