• Pokemon

  • Yu-GI-OH

87% 40 votes
13% 6 votes
  • Because Pokemon is amazing and you gotta catch um all

  • If yugioh had less talking and explaining every little move that EVERYONE WHO WATCHES IT KNOWS ALREADY then it has the potential to be better. Just a wasted storyline with second rate writers.

  • it is more fun

  • Because the games are much more creative and the tv show never gets old. And the cards always look amazing

  • Because pokemon can wrekt the yugi-oh person with the 420s and noscopes

  • pokemon is way better

  • I love Pokemon so much

  • Pokemon had better characters, realistic hair, depth, more creatures and and a lot of better games with new features every single time.

  • Leave a comment (optional)mew mewtwo the unown and arceus could create the best boogie-o 2 fight 4 them unlimited attack and defense or just make the card that summons that boggie-o back

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Cat_Lover says2014-04-14T07:46:34.1115346-05:00
I can't chose.
Cat_Lover says2014-04-14T07:46:44.5948018-05:00
Alain.Ginger says2016-02-27T19:06:44.7295904Z
I wanna be the very best like no one ever was
lizzyzaring says2016-04-04T15:39:15.9606854Z
Cat cat cat cat cat
domeblock says2016-04-26T14:09:27.7606419Z
Pokemon is much better than yu-gi-oh

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