• Pokemon

  • Digimon

84% 16 votes
16% 3 votes
  • Only considering first season for this vote. Pok√©mon has no specific plot other than a boy leaving town to walk around the country having dog fights that need a screen filter. They all live in a world with "monsters" that are kept in balls, But little is explained on that. Are they made of flesh or not? A Magikarp could be eaten, But then it couldn't. You can pick up any episode to watch and it feels like a stand-alone. The villains don't really change and there is apparently no consequence for any action, Good or evil. The artwork is superior, Indeed, But the rest for me falls flat. Digimon has rougher animation but compensates in plot and character development. The main setting is fantastic, But on another dimension compared to the real world, Allowing the creatures to be diverse. The plot has a deep sense of growing up and dealing with frustrations, And without a recap, Any episode you pick should be a hassle. The villains vary, Truly evil, And are, In fact, Destroyed and deleted.

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ShiverS7766 says2018-08-21T17:12:58.6571066Z
Depends Digimon if your talking about to shows. Pokemon if your talking about video games

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