Poorly Lived, And Poorly Died, Poorly Buried, And Know One Cried. . .

Posted by: jonathon.rockman345

This life is nonsense! There is no God! No Science! No Order! In the end we all will face pain and suffering! Tell me the world is perfect! That we are immortal and need no needs! All we shall see is Death! At the end! We die in the end. . . The Human Race dies off! From the sun or from Aliens! We will only see the Grim Reaper! As he reaps our souls to go to the Endless darkness called Oblivion; And Hell!

  • Yes. . .

  • Yes!!!

67% 2 votes
33% 1 votes
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The_Immortal_Emris says2014-08-12T15:26:49.0780749-05:00
Someone didn't take their meds this morning.
Shield says2014-08-12T15:38:27.9310227-05:00
Third option: "Yes?" You cannot know that there is nothing.
PetersSmith says2014-08-12T16:19:25.0674938-05:00
reece says2014-08-12T16:40:44.8074398-05:00
@jonathon.Rockman345 you say there is no god and then you type up we'll be going to hell? And how can there be a Endless darkness called Oblivion; And Hell!, you wouldn't be conscious if it was Oblivion.
jonathon.rockman345 says2014-08-12T17:48:20.9535500-05:00
Hell was not made by a god but by Satan. . . Originally an Angel turned into a Demon. Unless if you are Satanic. Oblivion is Total Forgetfulness and Chaos and Nothingness. That is for 'nothing'. Now for Tartarus, The Duat, The Underworld, et cetera. You ready? Classsssssssss. . .

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