Population control

Posted by: moonbear1

Humanity is at a point of no return or close to it where we are killing our planet and don't have the resources to combat planet and specie issues discuss.

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Yes we need to control population to save the evolution of humans and our planet.

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No, we are on a path to significant population decline anyway, and we need youth to look after the old.

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Yes we need to control it and discuss those who should sheppard us through this

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ladiesman says2018-02-14T02:12:40.3927416Z
Very complicated question. This is the problem addressed in the Dan Brown novel Inferno. The main villain, Bertrand Zobrist was a bioengineer concerned about Earth's growing population and believed extreme measures were necessary to deal with it. In the novel, his solution was a sterilization virus, and in the film adaptation it was a plague. Sterilization sounds more humane than a plague pandemic.
passwordstipulationssuck says2018-02-15T20:35:38.9395977Z
@ladiesman But who gets sterilized? The mentally ill, the disabled? Sounds like a new eugenics movement.
ladiesman says2018-02-18T20:42:59.5550339Z
@passwordstipulationssuck The whole human race would have been sterilized.
Yuarian says2018-06-05T16:34:08.0245136Z
There should be a series of tests, mental, physical and genetic, to weed out all but the ones with the best genes which are passed down to the next generation. We have stopped our evolution, as in this age anyone can pass on his genes, not only the fittest one to survive. While many will be outraged by this decision, how can it be right to give a child sub-standard genetic material, deformities, diseases and more?

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